Portrait of a Father by Robert Penn Warren

Portrait of a Father by Robert Penn Warren
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Overview: One of America’s great poets writes of his father, lost through death and discovered again through insistent recollection. A death in the family forces a re-sorting and reshaping of all that we can recall of times and people gone from us as we measure our identities by their remembered images.

While prowling in the past, Warren is drawn to likenesses between himself and his father, between himself and others of his family. The poet finds that his father too, in his long silent youth, ventured into the writing of poetry, as have so many, but in time put it away for other things. Gradually this elegy for his father becomes Warren’s reverie on the many Warrens and Penns who live now only in his memory. We encounter his mother and his mother’s mother, his father’s Warren line thrown back over three generations, as he draws forth sameness, giving shape and full form and then sharp recognition to family members who were and must yet remain mysteries. Then we see that Warren is delineating the tenuous threads of all our many unsettled and fragmentary American family histories, that he is tracing all our steps from the coast over mountain trails into the dark wilderness to the west. With him, when we stop to consider our loved and lost ones, we realize the delicacy of our accepted relationships.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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My Father Left Me Ireland by Michael Brendan Dougherty

My Father Left Me Ireland: An American Son’s Search For Home by Michael Brendan Dougherty
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Overview: A beautiful and heartbreakingly raw memoir of Irish identity and fatherhood.

The child of an Irish man and an Irish-American woman who split up before he was born, Michael Brendan Dougherty grew up with an acute sense of absence. He was raised in New Jersey by his hard-working single mother, who gave him a passion for Ireland, the land of her roots and the home of Michael’s father. She put him to bed using little phrases in the Irish language, sang traditional songs, and filled their home with a romantic vision of a homeland over the horizon.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz by Jeremy Dronfield

The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz: The Sunday Times Bestseller by Jeremy Dronfield
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Overview: Where there is family, there is hope . . .
Vienna, 1930s. The Kleinmann family live a simple, ordinary life. Gustav works as a furniture upholsterer while Tini keeps their modest apartment. Their greatest joy is their children: Fritz, Edith, Herta and Kurt.
But after theNazis annex Austria, the Kleinmanns’ world rapidly shifts before their eyes. Neighbours turn on them, the business is seized, as the threat to the family becomes ever greater.
Gustav and Fritz are among the first to be taken. Nazi police send the pair to Buchenwald in Germany, the beginning of an unimaginable ordeal. Over the months of suffering that follow, there is one constant that keeps them alive: the love between father and son.
Then, they discover that Gustav will be transferred to Auschwitz, a certain death sentence, and Fritz is faced with a choice: let his father to die alone, or join him
Based on Gustav’s secret diary and meticulous archival research, this book tells the Kleinemanns’ story for the first time – a story of love and courage in the face of unparalleled horrors. The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz is a reminder of the worst and the best of humanity, of the strength of family ties and the human spirit.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Biographies

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Vampyre Magick through Father Sebastiaan

Vampyre Magick: The Grimoire of the Living Vampire through Father Sebastiaan
Requirements: .PDF reader, 12.nine mb
Overview: Since the first light of civilization, the vampire has danced during the desires and nightmares of each tradition, expressed in folklore, literature, and artwork. Today, this fascination resonates in pop-culture thru hit tv presentations, motion pictures, and bestselling books. In Vampyre Magick, Father Sebastiaan unearths the hidden rituals and spells of the Living Vampires. This significant other quantity to Sebastiaan’s Vampyre Sanguinomicon, is meant for initiates of the Stigoii Vii, however will attraction to any pupil of magickal arts, The Golden Dawn, or different Western Mystery Traditions.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Words of My Father: A Memoir

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The Words of My Father by way of Yousef Bashir

The Words of My Father: A Memoir by way of Yousef Bashir
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Overview: In the Gaza Strip, rising up on land owned by way of his circle of relatives for hundreds of years, eleven-year-old Yousef is preoccupied by way of video video games, college pranks, and assembly his father’s impossibly prime requirements. Everything adjustments when the Second Intifada erupts and squaddies occupy the circle of relatives house. Yousef’s father refuses to escape and possibility shedding the home ceaselessly, so the military helps to keep the circle of relatives in a state of digital imprisonment. Yousef struggles to know the way his father may also be so dedicated to non violent co-existence that he welcomes the occupying Israeli squaddies as ‘visitors’, even within the face of unfair and humiliating remedy.

Over time, Yousef learns how one can bear his new lifestyles in captivity – however he cannot watch for {that a} bullet is ready to change into his long run right away. Shot by way of an Israeli soldier on the age of fifteen, and brought to health facility in Tel Aviv, Yousef slowly and painstakingly confronts the paralysis of his decrease frame. Under the ceaseless care of Israeli scientific pros, he features a brand new viewpoint at the price of co-existence. These transformative reviews set Yousef on a troublesome new trail that leads him to learn how to include his father’s philosophy, and unfold a message of co-existence in an international of deep-set sectarianism. The Words of My Father is a shifting coming-of-age tale about survival, tolerance and hope.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Not Your Father’s Leadership

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My Father and Atticus Finch by Joseph Madison Beck

My Father and Atticus Finch: A Lawyer’s Fight for Justice in 1930’s Alabama by Joseph Madison Beck
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Overview: The story of Foster Beck, the author’s late father, whose defense of a black man accused of rape in 1930s Alabama foreshadowed the trial at the heart of To Kill a Mockingbird.

As a child, Joseph Beck heard the stories―when other lawyers came up with excuses, his father courageously defended a black man charged with raping a white woman.

Now a lawyer himself, Beck reconstructs his father’s role in State of Alabama vs. Charles White, Alias, a trial that was much publicized when Harper Lee was twelve years old.

On the day of Foster Beck’s client’s arrest, the leading local newspaper reported, under a page-one headline, that "a wandering negro fortune teller giving the name Charles White" had "volunteered a detailed confession of the attack" of a local white girl. However, Foster Beck concluded that the confession was coerced. The same article claimed that "the negro accomplished his dastardly purpose," but as in To Kill a Mockingbird, there was evidence at the trial to the contrary. Throughout the proceedings, the defendant had to be escorted from the courthouse to a distant prison “for safekeeping,” and the courthouse itself was surrounded by a detachment of sixteen Alabama highway patrolmen.
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The Unavailable Father by Sarah Simms Rosenthal

The Unavailable Father: Seven Ways Women Can Understand, Heal, and Cope with a Broken Father-Daughter Relationship by Sarah Simms Rosenthal
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 167 MB
Overview: Strategies for overcoming a damaged father/daughter relationship.
Problems between fathers and daughters can damage a young girl’s identity, convince her she’s unloveable or without worth, and send her into unhealthy adult relationships. This groundbreaking book includes in-depth stories and case histories of a broad spectrum of women over 25 who have recovered and flourished in their professional and personal lives despite the lack of a father’s recognition and affection. While the legacy of pain that these fathers leave is deep, there is much that can be done to alleviate and even conquer it. Using these women’s stories as well as her insights from her private practice, the author outlines basic strategies to overcome the void left by an abusive, absent, alcoholic, mentally ill, irresponsible, selfish, or unloving father.
Written by Sarah Simms Rosenthal who has a thriving practice in New York City.
Reveals how to understand the truth about your childhood.
Includes strategies for discovering and analyzing past adult relationship mistakes both personal and professional.
Offers successful techniques for establishing new patterns of behavior.
The women whose stories are told in The Unavailable Father have learned to recognize and change the patterns instigated by their dysfunctional fathers and have moved forward, fulfilled.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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TTC – Herodotus: The Father of History

TTC – Herodotus: The Father of History
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Father Neil’s Monkeyshines by Neil Boyd

Not Your Father’s Founders by Arthur G. Sharp

Not Your Father’s Founders: An "Amended" Look at America’s First Patriots by Arthur G. Sharp
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.4 MB
Overview: The founding fathers-reframed!

Tired of reading about stiff, snooze-worthy revolutionary rebels? How about lackluster wars and mind-numbing laws? Not Your Father’s Founders breathes life back into history with dynamic profiles of the politicos, wartime heroes, and lesser-known but equally important players who built this nation.

Featuring hundreds of strange details and quirky stories, you’ll love learning all about the thinkers, doers, and maintainers who spearheaded the rebellion. This re-read of American history will also keep you on your toes with entertaining facts, quotations, and revelations. For example, Samuel Adams’ father was a merchant and brewer. Young Samuel worked for a while at the family brewery, but he did not have the head for it-or business in general.

The birth of our nation was anything but dull-and Not Your Father’s Founders pays proper tribute to our country’s creators with entertaining tales you’ll never forget.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History › Leaders & Notable People

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Tempting Olivia’s Father by Kathleen Hope

Tempting Olivia’s Father: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance by Kathleen Hope
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 37.4 MB
Overview: Scarlett stared at the sign staked in the grass at the side of the highway. ‘Paradise Peak, population 1100,’ it read; a sign she hadn’t seen since her family had passed it on their way out. It was the same sign though, rickety and worn. It was a wonder the rotting legs hadn’t given out years ago.
This was it. Just a few more minutes and she would be home. At the moment though, the idea of coming home seemed more daunting than comforting.
Not for the first time on her eleven-hundred mile trek up the west coast, she wondered what the hell she was doing. This had seemed like a good idea six months ago in California. Now though, she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d gone just a smidge-or off her rocker-crazy.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance / Erotica

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My Father’s Fortune: A Life

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