The Janissaries by Godfrey Goodwin

The Janissaries by Godfrey Goodwin
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Overview: From the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, the janissaries were the scourge of Europe. With their martial music, their muskets and their drilled march, it seemed that no one could withstand them. Their loyalty to their corps was infinite as the Ottomans conquered the Balkans as far as the Danube, and Syria, Egypt and Iraq. They set up semi-independent states along the North African coast and even fought at sea. Their political power was such that even sultans trembled. Who were they? Why were they an elite? Why did they decline and what was their end? These are some of the questions which this book attempts to answer. It is the story of extraordinary personalities in both victory and defeat. ‘An incredible book . a tour de force’ Middle East International ‘Well written and lucid.’ Muslim World Books Review ‘Goodwin has done so much in his scholarly career to introduce a wide audience to Ottoman culture.
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Plays 1 by Paul Godfrey (.AZW3)

Performs 1 by Paul Godfrey (Modern Dramatists)
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Overview: Paul Godfrey is "so good, so nervy and alert with creativeness and intelligence" (Sunday Occasions)
Consists of the performs: Inventing a New Color "Godfrey’s interesting first play is, with its ominous indicators of disjunction, like a surrealist portray"(Guardian), As soon as in a Whereas the Odd Factor Occurs "A fictional-biographical account of Benjamin Britten…lyrical, poetic prose, sinuous, swift, eloquent and dramatic" (Sunday Occasions), A Bucket of Eels "Hazard provides Paul Godfrey’s great play its drama. Six younger individuals enter a Freudian forest of their very own imaginings" (Monetary Occasions), The Blue Ball "An enquiry into the magic of house exploration….a relatively fascinating, idiosyncratic and effectively written play" (Observer) is an imaginative investigation of the expertise of House researched by the playwright among the many astronauts themselves. This formidable play questions the politics of a tradition wherein the wondrous is rendered mundane and what appears commonplace is rendered absurd.
The Blue Ball was commissioned by the Royal Nationwide Theatre and acquired its première on the Cottesloe Theatre in 1995.
Style: Nonfiction > Basic

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