Under the Ivy by Graeme Thomson

Under the Ivy: The Life and Music of Kate Bush by Graeme Thomson
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Overview: The book examines Bush’s unconventional upbringing in South London, the blossoming of her talent, and her evolution into one of the most visually and sonically creative artists of the past four decades.

Graeme has managed to masterfully weave into his narrative over 70 new interviews with those who have viewed from close quarters both the public artist and the private woman. He gives unprecedented insight into Kate’s unique working methods and pioneering use of the studio on landmark albums such as “The Dreaming and Hounds Of Love”, her rejection of live performance, her key relationships, and her profound influence on successive generations of musicians.

The book manages to build a crescendo of Kate’s life events leading to the unprecedented spurt of activity in the recent years that resulted in the release of two albums in 2011: the controversial “Director’s Cut” and “50 Words For Snow” and, more recently, a series of concerts in 2014.

The result is a detailed and utterly absorbing biography of Kate Bush, written with wit, style and substance. “Under The Ivy” is the definitive and updated account of the life and music of one of the world’s most gifted, private and often misunderstood artists.
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Sounds From Silence by Graeme M. Clark

Sounds From Silence: Graeme Clark And The Bionic Ear Story by Graeme M. Clark
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Overview: ‘In those early weeks post op, he had been aware of sound but not of speech. We were sitting in the sofa having a lesson, practising ‘a’ when suddenly it came out loud and clear. Then, hardly daring, I said ‘i’. He followed very softly. I went on: ‘e’, ‘o’, u’, and each time Teddy followed. I felt awed, so filled with emotion I couldn’t speak. Teddy was shining, as if a light had been switched on. Then, very slowly, he leaned over and kissed me very gently on the mouth. That kiss belongs to you.’ A letter from a grateful grandmother after Graeme Clark restored her grandson’s hearing.Sounds From Silence is the very personal story of how Professor Graeme Clark developed the Bionic Ear, how he conceived and directed research and how Cochlear took it up to give so many people, both young and old, the chance to hear. It movingly tells of how the profoundly deaf and their families cope with the silence of deafness, and of their joy in being given the gift of hearing.However, Graeme Clark also reveals the often seemingly insurmountable barriers put in his way: the mistrust of sections of the deaf community, the scepticism of many of his professional colleagues and the constant frustration in trying to find funding for his research. This is a powerful and moving story of one man’s professional and personal journey to give sounds from silence.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Mind Over Batter by Graeme Fowler

Mind Over Batter by Graeme Fowler
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Overview: Following the critical and commercial success of Absolutely Foxed, Graeme Fowler returns with a stunning new book that takes the reader inside the mental side of cricket.

Few sports can be played as much in the mind as cricket. When bowlers are hurling the ball down at your head at 90 mph, or fielders are crowded round the bat waiting to snap up an edge, only the most resilient can thrive. In Mind Over Batter, former Test batsman, commentator and coach Fowler looks into all facets of the game to assess the mental aspect of cricket. What is mental strength? And how can you improve it, or why do some people suddenly lose it? Can the environment in a dressing room have any impact on both mental strength and mental health? When a game builds up to a dramatic climax – how do you train yourself to cope? Can pressure really lead to catastrophic decision-making and even lead players to bend the rules?

Told with his familiar mix of brilliant insight, hilarious anecdotes and moving personal experience of his own mental demons, Fowler delivers a superb portrait of the game. Mind Over Batter will not only shed light on the top echelons of cricket, but it will also provide the reader with many useful ideas on how they can improve their own game and performance – in cricket or in other walks of life. Finally, having resisted for many years despite his own mental health issues, Fowler decides to take a closer look inside his own mind and for the first time undergoes therapy to see if he can work out what makes him tick. What he discovered surprised even him.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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The Accident on the A35 by Graeme Macrae Burnet