Pain-Free Living – December 2018

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Prevention Australia – December 2018- January 2019

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Mens Health Australia – December 2018

Mens Health Belly Off Workout The Body Weight Routine Video Tutorial

The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine, is the ultrafast, super-easy way to lose pounds and supersize your strength, power and muscle mass. Get started today with this fast, easy, ultra-effective workout from the trusted fitness experts at Men’s Health magazine!

Olive Oil And Health

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Womens Health UK – December 2018

Women’s Health UK – December 2018

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Women’s Health UK – December 2018-P2P

From the publishers of Men’s Health comes Women’s Health – a fresh, glossy monthly women’s magazine that delivers the best in health, fitness, beauty, fashion, weight loss, nutrition, love and sex. A women’s lifestyle magazine with a difference, Women’s Health delivers all the usual staples of a glossy but with health, fitness and well-being at the core. Whether you want to get fit or improve your fitness levels, get the latest fashion looks and beauty tips, slim down or tone up, get healthy or stay healthy, Women’s Health is for you.

Transparent Communication Of Health Risks: Overcoming Cultural …

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Womens Health Australia – December 2018

Health Economics

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Mens Health South Africa – Guide to Arms + ABS

Against Health: How Health Became The New …

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Health In Megacities And Urban Areas (contributions …

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