Hangry by Sarah Fragoso, Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS

High-Vibe Crystal Healing by Jolie DeMarco

Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses by Sage Rountree, Alexandra Desiato

Eat to Sleep by Karman Meyer

Trouble Talking by Daniel R. Boone

Ticker by Mimi Swartz

The New Power Eating by Susan M. Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo

The Gut Wellness Guide by Allison Post, Stephen Cavaliere

The Business of Being by Laurie Buchanan

The Biological Mind by Alan Jasanoff

Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally with The Beginner’s Dash Diet by Healthy Living for Adults

Nodding Off by Alice Gregory

Magical Healing by Hexe Claire