Cassandra High Performance Cookbook by Edward Capriolo

Cassandra High Performance Cookbook by Edward Capriolo
Requirements: .PDF reader, 3.3 Mb
Overview: You can mine deep into the full capabilities of Apache Cassandra using the 150+ recipes in this indispensable Cookbook. From configuring and tuning to using third party applications, this is the ultimate guide.
Apache Cassandra is a fault-tolerant, distributed data store which offers linear scalability allowing it to be a storage platform for large high volume websites.
This book provides detailed recipes that describe how to use the features of Cassandra and improve its performance. Recipes cover topics ranging from setting up Cassandra for the first time to complex multiple data center installations. The recipe format presents the information in a concise actionable form.
The book describes in detail how features of Cassandra can be tuned and what the possible effects of tuning can be. Recipes include how to access data stored in Cassandra and use third party tools to help you out. The book also describes how to monitor and do capacity planning to ensure it is performing at a high level. Towards the end, it takes you through the use of libraries and third party applications with Cassandra and Cassandra integration with Hadoop.
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TTC Video: High School – Chemistry [Video]-

Worst Subject? Chemistry teachers will tell you that there is an experience they have all had many times. Someone will ask them, “What do you do for a living?” and when they reply, “I’m a chemistry teacher,” the all-too-common response is: “That was my worst subject!” Why is that? Is high school chemistry just so intrinsically difficult that only students with great intellectual gifts are capable of succeeding without heroic efforts? Frank Cardulla doesn’t believe that for a moment, and he will hopefully convince you, as he has thousands of high school students, that “chemistry is the easiest class in school.”

Hell and High Water by Sean Conway (.M4B)

Hell and High Water: My Epic 900-Mile Swim from Land’s End to John O’Groats by Sean Conway
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 197 MB
Overview: Rain pelted down on the back of my neck, and saltwater rushed down my throat as I tried to breathe into a wave. A foghorn started booming from a lighthouse in the distance. For a moment I thought it was a rescue siren for me. Imagine if I got rescued on day two. That would be embarrassing.
In June 2013 Sean Conway set out from Land’s End in his bid to be the first person to swim the length of Britain. It was a challenge so extreme that not only had it never been attempted before, but most of the sponsors Sean approached turned him down, as they were worried that he would die trying.
Landlocked Cheltenham – Sean’s hometown – isn’t really the ideal place to train for a long sea swim, and he managed only three miles in a local pool before setting off from Land’s End. Once in the water Sean had to develop incredible mental strength to deal with the extreme cold and hours alone. He also needed to devise ways to take on the huge number of calories he needed to sustain him. On the support boat he and his three-man crew had to cope with storms, seasickness, and living in close proximity for months. After taking a few jellyfish stings to the face, Sean decided to grow a huge beard to protect himself.
The physical challenge was gruelling but came with unexpected rewards. Sean swam with dolphins and seals and among stunning nighttime phosphorescence. He had a unique view of the British coast, discovering tiny hidden coves and exploring shipwrecks. When there were problems with the support boat, Sean and his crew met many kindly people who were willing to come to their aid.
From the first person to complete a British triathlon – running, swimming, and biking the length of Britain – this is Sean’s remarkable and funny story about how anything is possible if you truly put your mind to it.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Friends in High Places by Alan F. Parkinson

Friends in High Places: Ulster’s Resistance to Irish Home Rule, 1912-14 by Alan F. Parkinson (Ulster Historical Foundation)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.4MB
Overview: On the eve of the centenary of perhaps the most significant event in Ulster during these two years-the signing of Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant-Friends in High Places: Ulster’s resistance to Irish Home Rule, 1912-14 tells the story of Ulster’s organised resistance to the Third Home Rule Bill, and in particular assesses the nature and degree of success of unionists’ political and propaganda campaigns.
The island of Ireland was on the cusp of Home Rule towards the end of the Edwardian period. Only the determined opposition of Ulster unionists and their allies in Great Britain prevented this from occurring. Loyalists exhibited genuine feelings of besiegement and isolation between 1912 and 1914 and many observers believed Ireland was, by the summer of 1914, on the verge of civil war.
The central focus of Friends in High Places is the vital interdependence of Ulster unionists and the British establishment during the late Edwardian period. It analyses the true nature of this relationship and also examines the significance of key events during these crucial years of Ulster’s resistance to Irish Home Rule.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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