High Heels and Bound Feet by Roberta Edwards Lenkeit

High Heels and Bound Feet: And Other Essays on Everyday Anthropology, Second Edition via Roberta Edwards Lenkeit
Requirements: .PDF reader, 5 MB
Overview: The lucid essays inside the original model of High Heels and Bound Feet drove lively discussions and engagement with core anthropological concepts in typical and online categories. Lenkeit showed how one’s day-to-day existence at artwork, at school, at area, and at play could be further engaging and provocative when thought to be by means of anthropology’s multifaceted lens. The reasonably expanded Second Edition is freshened throughout the addition of seven new essays. Each continues as an example myriad possible methods of concepts and methods from anthropology to frequently tales.
While essays focus on cultural anthropology, the inclusion of topics on linguistics, natural anthropology, and archaeology brings attention to the holistic nature of the strength of will. All essays conclude with material useful for assimilating content material subject material: Thinking It Through, Anthropological Terms, and Thinking Practically.

According to the author, training must color one’s existence and broaden one’s perspective. High Heels and Bound Feet, 2/E will pique readers’ passion as they discover how anthropology informs, energizes, and infuses their lives every day.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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High Time by Andrew Potter

High Time: The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada by Andrew Potter, Daniel Weinstock
Requirements: PDF Reader 1.26 MB
Overview: Canada will become the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, and the world is watching. The primary concern facing the Liberal government as it seeks to fulfill its 2015 campaign promise to "legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana" is whether it can be done without making thesituation worse. As the Liberal platform pointed out, the current regime lets illegal cannabis fall into the hands of minors, pours large profits into organized crime, and traps many people in the criminal justice system for what is arguably a victimless crime.
While the legalization of marijuana in Canada begins with a straightforward change of the criminal code, its ramifications go far beyond this. Legalization will have a serious impact on the country’s international treaty commitments, interprovincial relations, taxation and regulatory regimes, and social and health policies. The essays in this book address these outcomes from three main perspectives: the decades-long political path to legalization; the assumptions that underwrite the new policy, in particular the desire to stamp out the black market; and how legalization in Canada looks in an international context. Bringing together analysis by policy makers and scholars, including the architect of marijuana legislation in Portugal – a trailblazing jurisdiction – High Time provides an urgent and necessary overview of Canada’s Cannabis Act.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

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High Times – May 2019

High Times – May 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 157.1 MB
Overview: High Times Magazine: The Voice of the Marijuana Community
Get your High Times digital magazine subscription today to learn all about the marijuana counter-culture. It features articles on the legalization of marijuana, gives tips on growing cannabis, as well as detailing other drug articles, and providing "Highwitness News." It also has concert information and music reviews.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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Machine Tools for High Performance Machining

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Shifting into High Gear by Kyle Bryant

Shifting into High Gear: One Man’s Grave Diagnosis and the Epic Bike Ride That Taught Him What Matters by Kyle Bryant
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 6.4 MB
Overview: Shifting Into High Gear charts the course of Kyle Bryant’s transformation as he journeys on a recumbent tricycle across the United States in the throes of Friedreich’s ataxia, a life-shortening and disabling disease. Full of humor and reflection, it’s a heroic journey of a man driven to reframe the language of disease through action and service.

As you travel with Kyle during two cross-country bike rides through the American West, Texas, the Southern States, and finally to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the grueling rides become a compelling backdrop for a series of lessons and ruminations which embrace an alternative worldview and provide practical solutions to everyday problems. A thrilling adventure story, yes, Shifting Into High Gear is also ultimately about helping readers reinterpret the conditions of their lives and learning how positive thinking, purposeful connection, and deliberate actions can help anyone reach beyond their limits and live a bolder and bigger life no matter what the circumstance.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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The Tumor Microenvironment of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

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High-Performance Computing with Python 3.x

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Ultra High-Speed CMOS Circuits: Beyond 100 GHz

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High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites 6: HPFRCC 6

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Efficient Test Methodologies for High-Speed Serial Links

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High-Yield Pharmacology (3rd Edition)

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High Performance Marine Vessels

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High King of Heaven by John MacArthur

High King of Heaven: Theological and Practical Perspectives on the Person and Work of Jesus by John MacArthur
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3MB
Overview: Featuring contributions from Al Mohler, John MacArthur, Mark Dever, and more

Curating insights from some of America’s greatest Christian minds, High King of Heaven is a series of reflections on Christology, one of the church’s central doctrines. It contains essays from over twenty well-known pastors and theologians, including John MacArthur, Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, Miguel Nuñez, and Ligon Duncan.

Each essay not only elucidates an aspect of Christ’s person and work, but also demonstrates how it applies to the life of the church. After reading High King of Heaven.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Jackpot: High Times High Seas and The Sting That Launched The War on Drugs [Audiobook]

Jackpot: High Times High Seas and The Sting That Launched The War on Drugs [Audiobook]

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