D-day: The Air And Sea Invasion Of …

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D-Day: Air and Sea Invasion of Normandy by Nicholas A. Veronico

D-Day: The Air and Sea Invasion of Normandy in Photos by Nicholas A. Veronico
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Overview: Those who witnessed it never forgot it: the great armada of Allied ships that filled the English Channel on D-Day, June 6, 1944. From battleships, cruisers, and destroyers down to the much smaller landing ships and landing craft, these nearly 7,000 vessels bombarded the Normandy coast, ferried men, tanks, andequipment across the channel, and landed 150,000 troops-under withering German fire-on Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno, and Sword beaches in a single day. In numbers and scope, it was the largest seaborne invasion in history.
Meanwhile, some 12,000 aircraft flew above the sea, a dizzying assortment of fighters and bombers, transports, recon craft, and gliders. Taking off from air fields in England, they dropped thousands of paratroopers and even vehicles, bombed roads and German positions miles inland, provided vital intelligence, and attacked any German planes that were able to take to the skies. It was the largest single-day aerial operation in history.
And yet these important-and impressive-aspects of D-Day haven’t received the coverage they deserve, having been overshadowed by the fighting on the beaches. Veronico assembles photos of both the air and sea components of the D-Day invasion, giving the sailors and airmen their due and giving modern readers a vivid sense of what this monumental day was like in the air and at sea.
Genre: Non-Fiction – History

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The Turtle Invasion (Battle Bugs #10)

The Turtle Invasion (Battle Bugs #10)
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Secret Invasion – Rise Of The Skrulls (TPB) (2018)-

Chart the historical past of the Skrulls – from their first visits to Earth to their devastating Secret Invasion! Meet the Super-Skrull who wields all of the Fantastic Four’s powers! Witness the Kree/Skrull War’s cataclysmic climax along the Avengers! The mythical Mar-Vell returns from the lifeless – or does he? And Carol Danvers is swept up within the alien intrigue because the SECRET INVASION starts! Plus: 1800s and 1950s infiltration makes an attempt! Galactus objectives the Skrull throneworld! The Skrulls lose their shape-shifting powers! And extra!

Secret Invasion – Home Invasion (TPB) (2009)-

Kinsey Walden was once simply an ordinary highschool senior. With her folks out of the city, she will have to have spent the previous few days simply playing herself – taking part in football or purchasing for the easiest promenade get dressed. Or doing anything else rather then what she has been doing: spying on her brother, Hank, who is been performing a bit of stranger than commonplace not too long ago. “Strange” as in writing notes to himself in a made-up language and retaining maps of Manhattan hidden below his bed. Kinsey believes one thing is significantly mistaken with Hank, and when she makes a decision to confront him together with her suspicions, he. turns inexperienced! Get the ground-level point of view on Marvel’s largest tale of the 12 months as Kinsey and her pals hit the streets to flee her brother. Guest starring the Young Avengers.

Collects Secret Invasion: Home Invasion #1-8.

Secret Invasion – Front Line (TPB) (2009)-

As Skrull warships fill the skies, and heroes struggle for his or her very survival within the Savage Land, the electorate of New York fight to continue to exist the worst day in their lives. It’s a surprising, ground-level take a look at Secret Invasion! Collects Secret Invasion: Front Line #1-5.

Terry Brooks – The Skaar Invasion – MP3 Audiobook

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The Winter War: Russia’s Invasion Of Finland, …

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Silent Invasion (Zalthuras #1) by Chris Shockowitz

Silent Invasion (Zalthuras #1) by Chris Shockowitz
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 255 MB
Overview: Amber van Hosteen is working at her dream job at News Corp in New York City. That is, it’s a dream until she discovers large corporations are corrupting governments around the world, sponsoring questionable projects, and building huge factories in lawless places for an unknown purpose. Determined to learn who is behind these crimes, Amber follows a trail of clues to a remote village in North Africa.

Jeff Smith is a senior CIA agent. When his team discovers a material that cannot be made on Earth, his director does not want to believe him. Jeff is reassigned to follow Amber to Africa, little suspecting it will lead him to the answers about the mysterious material.

When Jeff rescues Amber from a dire situation, they find themselves forming a fragile alliance. After discovering an unimaginable nightmare, they quickly realize they can trust no one except each other.

What Amber and Jeff have discovered will change the world forever if they don’t put a stop to it. But who will believe them, and will they even live to tell the tale?
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Science Fiction

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The Invasion: A Gateway to the Galaxy Series

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D-day: The Invasion In Photographs

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Invasion of Privacy! Big Brother and the Company Hackers

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The Devil’s Horsemen: The Mongol Invasion of Europe

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The British Invasion: How The Beatles And …

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