The Iron Cross: A History, 1813-1957

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The Dark Tide (Iron Tower Trilogy #1) by Dennis L. McKiernan

The Dark Tide (Iron Tower Trilogy #1) by Dennis L. McKiernan
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 265.6 MB
Overview: Tuck Underbank is a Warrow — think a hobbit with shoes and "large jewel-like eyes" — living in the peaceful Boskydells. When an unnaturally cold winter strikes and the evil Modru threatens the world, he and a number of his fellow Thornwalkers go to the High King’s aid.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Sci-Fi

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Iron Core Kettlebell with Sarah Lurie [4 DVD Workout Set]

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Southern Cast Iron – July and August 2019

Southern Cast Iron – July/August 2019

Southern Cast Iron – July/August 2019
Requirements: PDF Reader 154 MB
Overview: Very Southern Recipes and Tips
From skillet suppers to classic sides, Dutch oven dinners to mouthwatering pies, Southern Cast Iron delivers the beloved flavors of classic home cooking. Southern Cast Iron highlights unique collectibles, shares tips for caring for your favorite pans, and gives in-depth stories of collectors, chefs, and foundries. Take a look inside the world of cast-iron cooking and history. Beautifully photographed and printed on high-quality paper, it’s a magazine to share with friends and family, and return to each time you pull your favorite skillet out of the cupboard.
Genre: Magazine –

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Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews

Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos by Donna Andrews (Meg Langslow #3)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 214.6 mb, 8 hrs and 1 min
Overview: Yorktown, Virginia, is reliving its role in the Revolutionary War by celebrating the anniversary of the British surrender in 1781. This year, plans include a reenactment of the battle and a craft fair. Meg Langslow has returned to her home town for the festivities – and to sell her wrought-iron flamingos. Meg’s also trying to keep her father from scaring too many tourists with his impersonation of an 18th-century physician – not to mention saving her brother from the clutches of a con man who might steal the computer game he’s invented. It’s a tough job – until the swindler is found dead, slain in Meg’s booth with one of her wrought-iron creations. Now Meg must add another item to her to-do list: Don’t forget to solve the murder!
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Mystery

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The Roman Iron Industry in Britain by David Sim

The Roman Iron Industry in Britain by David Sim
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 6.2MB
Overview: The invasion of AD 43 began the Romans’ settlement of Britain. The Romans brought with them a level of expertise that raised iron production in Britain from small localised sites to an enormous industry. Rome thrived on war and iron was vital to the Roman military establishment as well as to the civil population. In this pioneering work, David Sim combines current ideas of iron-making in Roman times with experimental archaeology. The Roman Iron Industry in Britain stretches far beyond dry theory and metallurgy alone; it covers all the stages of this essential process, from prospecting to distribution, and describes the whole cycle of iron production. Photographs and line drawings illustrate the text well enough to allow keen readers to reproduce the artefacts for themselves. Fascinating to the general reader and all those with an interest in Roman history, this book is invaluable to students of archaeology and professional archaeologists alike. Dr David Sim is an archaeologist who has combined studies of the technology of the Roman Empire with his skills as a blacksmith.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Iron Confederacies by Scott Reynolds Nelson

Iron Confederacies: Southern Railways, Klan Violence, and Reconstruction by Scott Reynolds Nelson
Requirements: .PDF reader, 12 Mb
Overview: During Reconstruction, an alliance of southern planters and northern capitalists rebuilt the southern railway system using remnants of the Confederate railroads that had been built and destroyed during the Civil War. In the process of linking Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia by rail, this alliance created one of the largest corporations in the world, engendered bitter political struggles, and transformed the South in lasting ways, says Scott Nelson.
Iron Confederacies uses the history of southern railways to explore linkages among the themes of states’ rights, racial violence, labor strife, and big business in the nineteenth-century South. By 1868, Ku Klux Klan leaders had begun mobilizing white resentment against rapid economic change by asserting that railroad consolidation led to political corruption and black economic success. As Nelson notes, some of the Klan’s most violent activity was concentrated along the Richmond-Atlanta rail corridor. But conflicts over railroads were eventually resolved, he argues, in agreements between northern railroad barons and Klan leaders that allowed white terrorism against black voters while surrendering states’ control over the southern economy.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol

Blood and Iron: The German Conquest of Sevastopol
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Iron Wolves (Order of the Centurion Book 2)

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Blood & Iron by way of Hugh Montagu Butterworth

Blood and Iron: Letters from the Western Front by way of Hugh Montagu Butterworth
Requirements: .ePUB reader, three MB
Overview: Until now Hugh Butterworth used to be simply probably the most thousands and thousands of misplaced infantrymen of the Great War, and the ordinary letters he despatched house from the Western Front had been forgotten. But after greater than 90 years of obscurity, those letters, which describe his revel in of struggle in poignant element, had been rediscovered, and they’re revealed right here in complete. They are a shifting, intensely private and fantastically written file by way of an articulate and observant guy who witnessed to start with hand probably the most darkest episodes in European historical past.

In civilian existence Butterworth used to be a devoted and much-loved schoolmaster and a proficient cricketer, who served with difference as an officer within the Rifle Brigade from the spring of 1915. His letters give us a telling perception into the ideas and reactions of a extremely trained, delicate and perceptive person faced by way of the horrors of recent battle. He used to be killed at the Bellewaarde ridge close to Ypres on 25 September 1915, and his ultimate letter used to be written at the eve of the motion during which he died.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies

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Brother Iron, Sister Steel through Dave Draper

Brother Iron, Sister Steel: A Bodybuilder’s Book through Dave Draper
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 4.7 Mb
Overview: Brother Iron, Sister Steel is a personal travel into bodybuilding as simplest Dave Draper, former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World, can inform it. Training ways, workout descriptions and dietary methods shape the e book’s basis, however what glues this e book in combination are Dave’s non-public stories and insights, humor and candidness, all of which talk to the guts and soul. The pleasure within the iron paintings, the play of the metal and the redefined motivation could have you striving ahead to succeed in your health and coaching targets.
Further your iron journey-or take your first steps-as you end up stuck up within the taste and rhythm which can be Draper’s by myself. You’ll see the teachings of Brother Iron, Sister Steel hit house as your coaching enthusiasm abounds. In your subsequent fit with the weights you can see the paintings of your muscular tissues with new readability underneath the steering of Dave’s perception.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical

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Simpler Options – Weekly Iron Condors

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The Celts: Europe’s People Of Iron (lost …

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