Domino Island by Desmond Bagley

Indian Mynah Singing in Tropical Island by Greg Cetus

Indian Mynah Singing in Tropical Island by Greg Cetus
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 31.2 MB
Overview: Indian Mynah is a small starling bird native to Asia. Mynah is fairly energetic in its lifestyle and vocalisations. They often can be seen in large groups around trees. Their natural habitat increased dramatically in the recent years. From their traditional Asian terrain they migrated to many tropical islands including Maldives, Seychelles, Canaries, Hawaii, St Helena and many others. Their vocalisations include croaks, squawks, chirps, clicks, whistles and even growls. This recording offers a chorus of these energetic birds from one of the tropical islands. This is a fairly busy and energetic birdsong. It will effectively block all other eternal noises and provide active audio shield if you are looking to separate yourself from urban noise. It can also help focus as it features a complex chorus of many birds each pitching a variety of vocalisations.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories by Gene Wolfe

The Burning Island – Hester Young [Audiobook]

The Burning Island – Hester Young [Audiobook]

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Ellis Island to Ebbets Field by Peter Levine

Ellis Island to Ebbets Field: Sport and the American Jewish Experience by Peter Levine
Requirements: .PDF reader, 22.1 Mb
Overview: Jews have stereotypically been considered people of the book rather than people of the jump shot, right cross, or home run. Yet for many East European Jewish immigrants, and especially their children, participation in American sport during the first half of the twentieth century became an important part of their pursuit of the American dream and a pathway to assimilation. In Ellis Island to Ebbets Field, Peter Levine explores the importance of sport in transforming Jewish immigrants into American Jews. Drawing on interviews with celebrities as well as lesser known neighborhood stars, Levine vividly recounts the stories of Red Auerbach, Hank Greenberg, Moe Berg, Sid Luckman, Andy Cohen, Nat Holman, Benny Leonard, Barney Ross, Marty Glickman, Jammy Moskowitz and many others who became Jewish heroes and symbols of the difficult struggle for American success. From settlement houses and street corners, to Madison Square Garden and Fenway Park, their experiences illuminate a time when Jewish males dominated sports like boxing and basketball, helping to smash stereotypes about Jewish weakness while instilling American Jews with a fierce pride in their strength and ability in the face of Nazi aggression, domestic anti-Semitism, and economic depression. And Levine brings the story up to date with sure comparisons to the experiences of more contemporary Jewish athletes such as Sandy Koufax, "Super Jew" Mike Epstein, Mark Spitz, and Amy Alcott.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Burning Island by Hester Young

The Burning Island by Hester Young (Charlotte Charlie Cates #3)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 282 MB
Overview: The newest haunting mystery from the beloved author of The Gates of Evangeline, featuring Charlie Cates, a headstrong heroine who must confront her unwanted supernatural gift and bring dark secrets to light if she ever wants to leave the Big Island….
Journalist Charlie Cates has always believed in facts, in what can be proved – her career depends on it. Which is why she has never truly accepted the supernatural visions that guide her to children in danger. After her work on a high-profile missing-child case brings unwanted fame, she reluctantly flees to the lush Big Island of Hawaii with her best friend, Rae. Determined to avoid her disturbing visions, Charlie begins writing what seems to be a harmless interview of a prominent volcanologist, Victor Nakagawa. But her hopes for a peaceful vacation are soon dashed by haunting dreams of a local girl who went missing six weeks earlier.
In the small and sleepy town of Kalo Valley, Charlie and Rae come to realize that even paradise has its ugly secrets, and the Nakagawa family is no exception. In order to find the missing teenager and stop a dangerous predator from striking again, Charlie is forced to embrace the gift she has always tried to conceal. Meanwhile, someone is watching her every move, and the closer Charlie gets to the truth, the more distant her chances of ever leaving the island alive.
With a deliciously eerie and fast-paced story told in vivid prose, all with an overlay of supernatural suspense, The Burning Island is a pulse-pounding mystery perfect for fans of Jennifer McMahon and Kate Atkinson.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction

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Aarp The Secret Of Shelter Island: Money …

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Contested Island: Ireland 1460-1630 via S. J. Connolly

Contested Island: Ireland 1460-1630 (Oxford History of Early Modern Europe) via S. J. Connolly
Requirements: .PDF reader, 4.7 MB
Overview: Between the 1460s and the 1630s Ireland used to be remodeled from a medieval into a contemporary society. A deficient society at the outer edge of Europe, ruled via the conflicts of competing warlords–Irish and English–it later changed into a centralised political unit with a unmarried govt and code of rules, and a nonetheless primitive, however impulsively growing, marketplace economic system. These adjustments, alternatively, have been accomplished via brutal wars of conquest, whilst huge scale colonisation tasks had created lasting tensions between previous population and up to date settlers.
At the similar time the good spiritual divide of the Reformation had presented an additional supply of struggle to Ireland, dividing the inhabitants into two adversarial camps, whilst on the identical time giving it a brand new and perilous position within the struggle between England and its continental enemies. Against this perplexed and repeatedly converting background, people and teams had again and again to conform their customs and behavior, their political allegiances and aspirations, and their sense of who they have been. An extended and complicated tale, with many false begins and a lot of lifeless ends, it’s the tale of the individuals who changed into the fashionable Irish.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Easter Island

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Ronin Island #1

Ronin Island #1
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Hawaii the Big Island by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Hawaii the Big Island through Lonely Planet (4th version)
Requirements: .PDF reader, 19 MB
Overview: Lonely Planet Hawaii the Big Island is your passport to probably the most related, up-to-date recommendation on what to peer and skip, and what hidden discoveries look ahead to you. Hike trails thru smoking craters at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, stargaze on the transparent skies from Mauna Kea, and snorkel in Kealakekua Bay; all together with your relied on shuttle significant other. Get to the guts of Hawaii, the Big Island and start your adventure now!
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Earth Island Journal – February 2019

Earth Island Journal – February 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 30 MB
Overview: Earth Island Journal is a publication in the field of news and society offering news and analysis about energy and the environment
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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Behemoth Island by Jake Bible [Audiobook]

Behemoth Island by Jake Bible [Audiobook]

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Behemoth Island by Jake Bible

Behemoth Island by Jake Bible (Mega 04)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 118 MB
Overview: Running from the world, their ship crippled, their supplies dangerously low, Team Grendel follow Ballantine’s lead to a promised paradise. A place where they can hide and regroup, rest, and plan the next step in their lives.
If only life were so simple.
Within hours of arriving at their idyllic island, Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III quickly realize that once again they have been thrust into a nightmare of gigantic proportions. One might say it is a behemoth of a bad dream!
Giant dinosaurs! Man-eating plants! Cannibal cavemen with a hunger for fresh meat! Behemoth Island puts Team Grendel in the middle of Hell and doesn’t let up until the beaches are covered in blood and the jungles are burning!
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction

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