Fifty Shapes of Yellow: Italian Pasta by Giada Berlusconi

Fifty Shapes of Yellow: 50 Scrumptious Italian Pasta Recipes by Giada Berlusconi
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Overview: Have you learnt there are over 600 pasta shapes? And every of them serve the wants of various sauces and elements? And what concerning the names? Maltagliati means “badly minimize”, Strozzapreti “priest strangler”, Sorpresine “little surprises”, Capelli d’Angelo “angel’s hair”, Cavatappi “corkscrew”, simply to call a couple of. Giada Berlusconi has collected the most effective recipes in a guide that’s tasty ranging from the quilt. From Calamaretti with Squids to Quadrefiore with Broccoli and Olives, you may uncover nice recipes and thrilling shapes.
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Italian Cookbook by Salvador Queirós (Queiros)

Italian Cookbook: Basic Recipes for Each House Prepare dinner by Salvador Queirós
Necessities: .ePUB reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: In case you are a fan of Italy and heavenly meals, this e book is simply excellent for you.
In right here one can find easy and pleasant Italian recipes you can make even when you do not have many cooking methods.
Seize a duplicate and have enjoyable making these recipes for your loved ones and associates.
Style: Non-Fiction > Meals & Drink

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Everyone Is Italian On Sunday

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Evoluzione e cultura [Italian]

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Lamore e una ricetta segreta [Italian]

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L’anno dell’Oracolo [Italian]

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Regia Marina: Italian Battleships of World War Two [Italian]

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La guerra fredda [Italian]

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Psicologia delle folle [Italian]

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Controstoria del liberalismo [Italian]

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Micromotivazioni della vita quotidiana [Italian]

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Staten Italy: Best Italian-American Classics by Francis Garcia+

Staten Italy: Nothin’ but the Best Italian-American Classics, from Our Block to Yours by Francis Garcia, Sal Basille
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 71.6 MB
Overview: The delicious Italian-American comfort food we all remember, love, and crave, from the owners of the legendary Artichoke Pizza.

Authors Fran and Sal are two regular guys from the neighborhood, cousins and best friends, whose DNA reads garlic and oil (they’re fifth generation in the food business) and whose six hugely successful restaurants, starting with the legendary Artichoke Pizza, have impressed critics, fellow chefs, and chowhounds alike. They have written a book celebrating big flavor, along with loving (and hilarious) family stories, and rooted in the great Italian-American tradition, handed down through the generations. The recipes are unfussy…simple and fast for school nights, fancier for weekends and holidays and offer readers a transporting, full-bodied take-away, rather than just a book about spaghetti and meatballs. Here you will find Eggs Pizziaola, Pork Cutlets with Hot Peppers and Vinegar, their famous Cauliflower Fritters, and many more authentic dishes served up with gusto.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Italian Food Rules by Ann Reavis

Italian Food Rules by Ann Reavis
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 224 KB
Overview: Did the waiter in Rome sneer when you asked for butter for the bread or for a cappuccino after dinner? Did your Venetian grandmother slap your hand when you reached for the Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on her spaghetti alle vongole? Did the Florentine guest in your home turn pale when offered leftover pizza for breakfast? Did the fruit and vegetable vendor at the Mercato Centrale yell at you when you checked out the ripeness of his peaches or scooped up a handful of cherries? In Italy, they love making rules, although they seem to obey very few. When it comes to the national cuisine, however, the Italian Food Rules may as well be carved in marble. They will not change and are strictly followed. Visitors to Italy violate them at their peril. When in Italy, enjoy being Italian for a few days, weeks or months, by learning the Italian Food Rules, taking them to heart, and obeying each and every one of them.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Italian Cuisine: 50 Traditional Recipes by Robert Carter

Italian Cuisine: 50 Traditional Recipes from Italy with Love by Robert Carter (Italian Cookbooks #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.7 MB
Overview: Are you a fan of Italy and delicious food of this sun-drenched country? Do you want to learn how to cook like a real Italian? Then this book is exactly what you need! The pages of this book contain 50 different authentic Italian recipes collected from various regions in Italy, many of which are truly traditional, ancient and are transmitted from generation to generation. This Italian cookbook will not only teach you how to cook in accordance with all Italian traditions, but will also fill you in Italian cuisine and culture in general.

Be ready to plunge into the atmosphere of real Italy with its rich variety of tastes, flavours and smells. Enrich your daily menu with the unique Italian recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to fill like in sunny Italy. Be sure, your family and friends will appreciate this food diversity and will be surprised by your creativity and culinary talents that you can definitely gain and improve with the help of this book. Open up to new tastes and experiences – we wish you a pleasant journey through the pages of the book!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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