A Jewish Public Theology by Abraham Unger

A Jewish Public Theology: God and the Global City by Abraham Unger
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Overview: A Jewish Public Theology draws from Halakhah, Jewish law, to address some of the most searing current policy issues. Abraham Unger examines how Jewish tradition speaks to globalization and its attendant political and economic cleavages. Classical Jewish thought sits on a perch outside of the defining parameters of the global political conversation and as such cannot be pigeon holed as populist, leftist, or rightist. Judaism was born in antiquity and therefore predates by millennia these current ideological biases. That intellectual distance, both due to the long arc of Jewish history, and outsider minority status as a tradition, allows for a critical distance. Unger explores how the Jewish tradition compels the living out of a public policy framework through the forging of equitable communities using arguments that go beyond political orthodoxies. In this socially fragile era, the possibility of that message offers a hopeful discourse of significant possibility for all humankind.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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1,000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy

1,000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 828 KB
Overview: A celebration of Jewish kosher cooking and tradition.
This expert cookbook offers all the recipes and information any cook needs to celebrate Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and many other Jewish holidays. 1,000 Jewish Recipes includes instructions for maintaining a kosher kitchen, information on the delicious culinary heritage of Jewish cultures, and tempting and easy-to-follow recipes such as Three-Cheese Knishes and Old-Fashioned Roast Chicken.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations by Edward Kessler

A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations by Edward Kessler, Neil Wenborn
Requirements: .PDF reader, 7,2 Mb
Overview: This reference is a pioneering work which explores and defines the many factors which characterise the historic and ongoing relationship between the two traditions. From Aaron to Zionism, the editors have brought together over 700 entries–including events, institutions, movements, people, places and publications–contributed by more than 100 internationally renowned scholars. The Dictionary, compiled under the auspices of the Cambridge-based Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, offers a focus for the study and understanding of Jewish-Christian relations internationally, both within and between Judaism and Christianity.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic by Michael Sokoloff

A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine Period (Publications of The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project) by Michael Sokoloff
Requirements: .PDF reader, 15,3 Mb
Overview: Since the Middle Ages, lexographies of Talmudic and other rabbinic literature have combined in one entry Babylonian, Palestinian, and Targumic words from various periods. Because morphologically identical words in even closely related dialects can frequently differ in both meaning and nuance, their consolidation into one dictionary entry is often misleading. Scholars now realize the need to treat each dialect separately, and in A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Michael Sokoloff provides a complete lexicon of the dialect spoken and written by Jews in Palestine during the Byzantine period, from the third century C.E. to the tenth century.
Sokoloff draws on a wide range of sources, from inscriptions discovered in the remains of synagogues and on amulets, fragments of letters and other documents, poems, and marginal notations to local Targumim, the Palestinian Midrashim and Talmud, texts addressing religious law ( halacha), and Palestinian marriage documents ( ketubbot) from the Arabic period. Many of these sources were unavailable to previous lexographers, who based their dictionaries on corrupt nineteenth-century editions of the rabbinic literature. The discovery of new manuscripts in both European libraries and the Cairo Geniza over the course of the twentieth century has revolutionized the textual basis of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Foreign Language Study & Reference

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Jewish Voice Ottoman Salonica by Aron Rodrigue

A Jewish Voice from Ottoman Salonica: The Ladino Memoir of Sa’adi Besalel a-Levi by Aron Rodrigue, Sarah Abrevaya Stein
Requirements: .PDF reader, 5 MB
Overview: This book presents for the first time the complete text of the earliest known Ladino-language memoir, transliterated from the original script, translated into English, and introduced and explicated by the editors. The memoirist, Sa’adi Besalel a-Levi (1820-1903), wrote about Ottoman Jews’ daily life at a time when the finely wrought fabric of Ottoman society was just beginning to unravel. His vivid portrayal of life in Salonica, a major port in the Ottoman Levant with a majority Jewish population, thus provides a unique window into a way of life before it disappeared as a result of profound political and social changes and the World Wars. Sa’adi was a prominent journalist and publisher, one of the most significant creators of modern Sephardic print culture. He was also a rebel who accused the Jewish leadership of Salonica of being corrupt, abusive, and fanatical; that leadership, in turn, excommunicated him from the Jewish community. The experience of excommunication pervades Sa’adi’s memoir, which documents a world that its author was himself actively involved in changing.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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