This Is Motherhood by way of Jill Koziol, Liz Tenety

This Is Motherhood: A Motherly Collection of Reflections + Practices by way of Jill Koziol, Liz Tenety
Requirements: .ePUB reader, eight MB
Overview: By Moms, for Moms-Redefining Motherhood for a New Generation
With This Is Motherhood, the cofounders and individuals of the Motherly on-line group provide a number of essays and practices to rejoice motherhood in all its complexity.

Here you’ll be able to to find reflections on each and every section of "the wild journey of motherhood," together with the hovering highs of assembly your new child, the ground-shaking lows that make you doubt the entirety you’ve got ever identified, and all of the attractiveness and ache in between. Each bankruptcy closes with practices from Motherly’s staff of wellness professionals that can assist you outline, explain, procedure, and rejoice your adventure.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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She Wants It by Jill Soloway (.M4B)

She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy by Jill Soloway
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 176 MB
Overview: New York Times Editors’ Choice
In this poignant memoir of personal transformation, Jill Soloway takes us on a patriarchy-toppling emotional and professional journey. When Jill’s parent came out as transgender, Jill pushed through the male-dominated landscape of Hollywood to create the groundbreaking and award-winning Amazon TV series Transparent. Exploring identity, love, sexuality, and the blurring of boundaries through the dynamics of a complicated and profoundly resonant American family, Transparent gave birth to a new cultural consciousness. While working on the show and exploding mainstream ideas about gender, Jill began to erase the lines on their own map, finding their voice as a director, show creator, and activist.
She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy moves with urgent rhythms, wild candor, and razor-edged humor to chart Jill’s evolution from straight, married mother of two to identifying as queer and nonbinary. This intense and revelatory metamorphosis challenges the status quo and reflects the shifting power dynamics that continue to shape our collective worldview. With unbridled insight that offers a rare front seat to the inner workings of the #metoo movement and its aftermath, Jill captures the zeitgeist of a generation with thoughtful and revolutionary ideas about gender, inclusion, desire, and consent.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Merchants of Truth by Jill Abramson (.M4B)

Merchants of Truth: The Business of News and the Fight for Facts by Jill Abramson
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 528 MB
Overview: The definitive report on the disruption of the news media over the last decade. With the expert guidance of former executive editor of The New York Times Jill Abramson, we follow two legacy (The New York Times and The Washington Post) and two upstart (BuzzFeed and VICE) companies as they plow through a revolution in technology, economics, standards, commitment, and endurance that pits old vs new media.
Merchants of Truth is the groundbreaking and gripping story of the precarious state of the news business told by one of our most eminent journalists.
Jill Abramson follows four companies: The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and Vice Media over a decade of disruption and radical adjustment. The new digital reality nearly kills two venerable newspapers with an aging readership while creating two media behemoths with a ballooning and fickle audience of millennials. We get to know the defenders of the legacy presses as well as the outsized characters who are creating the new speed-driven media competitors. The players include Jeff Bezos and Marty Baron (The Washington Post), Arthur Sulzberger and Dean Baquet (The New York Times), Jonah Peretti (BuzzFeed), and Shane Smith (VICE) as well as their reporters and anxious readers.
Merchants of Truth raises crucial questions that concern the well-being of our society. We are facing a crisis in trust that threatens the free press. Abramson’s audiobook points us to the future.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Models Do Eat by Jill de Jong +

Models Do Eat: More Than 100 Recipes for Eating Your Way to a Beautiful, Healthy You by Jill de Jong, Nikki Sharp, Summer Rayne Oakes, Liana Werner Gray
Requirements: EPUB Reader 146.50 MB
Overview: Getting fit and the body you want doesn’t mean giving up delicious food.
"Fit" and "healthy" have become some of the most popular tags on social media, it’s sexy to take excellent care of our bodies and minds That’s why Jill de Jong, fitness model and personal trainer who provided the real-life body for video game adventure icon Lara Croft, along with nine of her fellow models have come together to share their food philosophies, expertise, and favorite recipes-their secrets to feeling healthy and looking great.
Models Do Eat is more than a simple cookbook-it invites you to think critically about nutrition and make better choices for yourself. If you’ve tried to drop some pounds by depriving yourself of food, you know how miserable and harmful it can be. This team of inspiring women is dedicated to help you make the healthiest possible choices for your body. These models love to eat and they eat a lot. With approaches from paleo and gluten-free eating to vegetarianism and veganism, and everything in-between, Models Do Eat is proof that there’s not justone "correct" way to eat well and feel beautiful.
Inside discover more than 100 delicious, healthful recipes that promote energy, glowing skin, shiny hair, and weight loss, including Mediterranean Breakfast Cups, Gluten-Free Endless Energy Matcha Muffins, Wholesome Mushroom Tacos, Coconut Basil Sweet Potato Fries, Bison Stew and Bone Broth, Charred Cauliflower with Peppers & Egg, Raw Vegan Cheesecake Bars, and more. These meals will jumpstart your own unique path to looking and feeling like your best self.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Food & Drink

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The Nutshell Technique by Jill Chamberlain (.PDF)

The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting by Jill Chamberlain
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 9.2 Mb
Overview: Veteran script consultant Jill Chamberlain discovered in her work that an astounding 99 percent of first-time screenwriters don’t know how to tell a story. What the 99 percent do instead is present a situation. In order to explain the difference, Chamberlain created the Nutshell Technique, a method whereby writers identify eight dynamic, interconnected elements that are required to successfully tell a story.
Now, for the first time, Chamberlain presents her unique method in book form with The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting. Using easy-to-follow diagrams ("nutshells"), she thoroughly explains how the Nutshell Technique can make or break a film script. Chamberlain takes readers step-by-step through thirty classic and contemporary movies, showing how such dissimilar screenplays as Casablanca, Chinatown, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Silver Linings Playbook, and Argo all have the same system working behind the scenes, and she teaches readers exactly how to apply these principles to their own screenwriting. Learn the Nutshell Technique, and you’ll discover how to turn a mere situation into a truly compelling screenplay story.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General / Humor & Entertainment

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