Joys and Sorrows of Imaginary Persons by Donald Wesling

Joys and Sorrows of Imaginary Persons: On Literary Emotions (Consciousness Literatures & the Arts) by Donald Wesling
Requirements: .PDF reader, 895.8 Kb
Overview: Joys and Sorrows of Imaginary Persons is a literary approach to consciousness where Donald Wesling denies that emotion is the scandal or handmaid of reason-rather emotion is the co-creator with reason of human life in the world. Discoveries in neuro-science in the 1990s Decade of the Brain have proven that thinking and feeling are wrapped with each other, and regulate and fulfill each other. Accepting this co-creative equality, we reveal a new role for literature, or a traditional role we’ve repressed: literature as a set of processes in time where we’ve thought feeling through stories about the lives of imaginary persons. We need these stories in order to practice emotions for when we return to the world from reading. Donald Wesling argues that to be more accurate in our dealings with stories, we require a grammar of this new recognition, where we build up traditional stylistics by a more careful tracking of emotion-states as these are set into writing. The first half of Joys and Sorrows of Imaginary Persons offers a creative stock-taking of the current state of scholarship on emotion, based on wide reading in several fields. The second half gives three focused studies, rich in examples, of emotion as cognition, as story, and as historical structure of feeling.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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The Joys of Hashing by Thomas Mailund

The Joys of Hashing: Hash Table Programming with C by Thomas Mailund
Requirements: .PDF reader, 6,7 MB
Overview: Build working implementations of hash tables, written in the C programming language. This book starts with simple first attempts devoid of collision resolution strategies, and moves through improvements and extensions illustrating different design ideas and approaches, followed by experiments to validate the choices. Hash tables, when implemented and used appropriately, are exceptionally efficient data structures for representing sets and lookup tables, providing low overhead, constant time, insertion, deletion, and lookup operations. The Joys of Hashing walks you through the implementation of efficient hash tables and the pros and cons of different design choices when building tables. The source code used in the book is available on GitHub for your re-use and experiments.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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The joys of extra

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The joys of extra

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The Joys of Excess (Penguin Great Food) by Samuel Pepys

The Joys of Excess (Penguin Great Food) by Samuel Pepys
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2 MB
Overview: As well as being the most celebrated diarist of all time, Samuel Pepys was also a hearty drinker, eater and connoisseur of epicurean delights, who indulged in every pleasure seventeenth-century London had to offer. Whether he is feasting on barrels of oysters, braces of carps, larks’ tongues and copious amounts of wine, merrymaking in taverns until the early hours, attending formal dinners with lords and ladies or entertaining guests at home with his young wife, these irresistible selections from Pepys’s diaries provide a frank, high- spirited and vivid picture of the joys of over-indulgence – and the side-effects afterwards.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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The Joys of Hashing: Hash Table Programming with C

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Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan

Joys of War: From the Foreign Legion, the SAS and into Hell with PTSD by John-Paul Jordan
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 5 MB
Overview: Irishman John-Paul Jordan, still only in his thirties, has led an extraordinary life . from the Foreign Legion and security in Iraq to serving his country in Afghanistan for which he was decorated for his leadership and bravery . and on to ‘herding’ journalists on the front line in Libya . and hunting for gold in Afghanistan .

However, once back in Civvy Street, the camaraderie was gone; he found himself a prisoner of war to PTSD. Dehumanized by those professionals who he had turned to for help, this Special Forces veteran and former Legionnaire was brought to his knees. His marriage was over; his home was lost. In isolation, his world unraveled, and the seeds of destruction had been well and truly sewn. Knowing he would never see military action again and faced with the realization of the war raging within him in the spiral of PTSD, John-Paul felt condemned as a man. But, on 1 April 2016, he surrendered – life, too, it would seem, has a sense of humour. He asked for help . and found the answers within.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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The Joys of Christmas – November 2018

The Joys of Christmas – November 2018

December 20, 2018

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