National Geographic Little Kids – March 2019

National Geographic Little Kids – March 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 8.8 MB
Overview: An innovative new magazine full of learning and fun for today’s preschoolers and their parents! Bursting with lively photographs, engaging stories, and interactive picture games, each issue supplies you with fresh and imaginative teaching tools created by noted educators at National Geographic.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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Healthy Kids Cookbook by Stephanie Sharp

Healthy Kids Cookbook: These Healthy Dishes Can Help to Keep Your Child Living a Healthy and Active Life! by Stephanie Sharp
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.7 MB
Overview: My goal with this cookbook is to offer some easy to prepare healthy recipes for children, that will aid in their development. Providing our children with healthy foods is a good, sure way to know that we are attempting to do our part to keep them healthy and happy. It is indeed very challenging for parents to provide for their children on so many different levels, but a good start is making sure that they have healthy foods in their daily diets.

Within these pages, you will discover a collection of healthy recipes that will help power your child’s growth and development by offering the right kind of nutrients. With a little planning, you can help ensure that your child is getting healthy meal choices on a regular basis. It can be challenging to accomplish this, especially for parents who work outside of the home.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Happy Parents Happy Kids by Ann Douglas

Happy Parents Happy Kids by Ann Douglas
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 599 KB
Overview: Parenting without anxiety, guilt, or feeling overwhelmed
Happy Parents Happy Kids is the ultimate no-guilt guide to boosting your enjoyment of parenting while at the same time maximizing the health and happiness of your entire family. You can find ways to take care of yourself while you’re busy raising a family-just as you can choose to use parenting strategies that work for you and your kids.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Our Kids by Robert D. Putnam (.M4B)

Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam, Narrator: Arthur Morey
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 286 MB
Overview: A groundbreaking examination of the growing inequality gap from the best-selling author of Bowling Alone: why fewer Americans today have the opportunity for upward mobility.

It’s the American dream: get a good education, work hard, buy a house, and achieve prosperity and success. This is the America we believe in – a nation of opportunity, constrained only by ability and effort. But during the last 25 years, we have seen a disturbing "opportunity gap" emerge. Americans have always believed in equality of opportunity, the idea that all kids, regardless of their family background, should have a decent chance to improve their lot in life. Now this central tenet of the American dream seems no longer true or, at the least, much less true than it was. Robert Putnam – about whom The Economist said, "[H]is scholarship is wide-ranging, his intelligence luminous, his tone modest, his prose unpretentious and frequently funny" – offers a personal but also authoritative look at this new American crisis. Putnam begins with his high school class of 1959 in Port Clinton, Ohio. By and large the vast majority of those students – "our kids" – went on to lives better than those of their parents. But their children and grandchildren have had harder lives amid diminishing prospects. Putnam tells the tale of lessening opportunity through poignant life stories of rich and poor kids from cities and suburbs across the country, drawing on a formidable body of research done especially for this book.

Our Kids is a rare combination of individual testimony and rigorous evidence. Putnam provides a disturbing account of the American dream that should initiate a deep examination of the future of our country.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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