Lens Magazine – May 2019-

Lens Magazine for Contemporary fine art photography. The magazine featured the most known photographers in the world along side with emerging photographers.

Lens Magazine – April 2019

Lens Magazine – April 2019
Requirements: .PDF Reader, 40.74 MB
Overview: The International Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art Photography.
Lens is a monthly publication that exhibits the best and brightest photography works.Lens Magazine follows the same the foundations laid upon by its predecessor, aiming to unearth and showcase both leading artists and emerging talents alike. Anyone can contribute to the monthly publication, which covers the entire spectrum of photography – from the individual interpretation of a single concept explored in each issue from a variety of international artists, to handy tips and tricks for any amateur or aspiring photographers.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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A Shattered Lens by means of Layton Green

A Shattered Lens by way of Layton Green

A Shattered Lens through Layton Green

Pediatric Lens Diseases

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LENS Training

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OchsLabs – LENS Training

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The Social Lens by Kenneth Allan

The Social Lens: An Invitation to Social and Sociological Theory by Kenneth Allan
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 4.6 MB
Overview: This fully updated Third Edition of Kenneth Allan’s acclaimed The Social Lens emphasizes the diversity of classical and contemporary theory, critical thinking, and the importance of historical context. Chosen for the diversity of their perspectives and their suitability for introducing students to contemporary social thought, a wide variety of theorists appear in the text with their individual voices vividly intact. The author engages students in the historic and contemporary changes that have spawned diverse social theories and invites them to see theory as an element within a broader range of critical thinking skills that can be applied to current social problems.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Westwood Light and Lens Bundle: Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age

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NY Through the Lens

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NY Through the Lens

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Lens Magazine – November 2018