Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs

Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them by Liz Curtis Higgs
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1000.8 Kb
Overview: Women everywhere marvel at those “good girls” in Scripture-Sarah, Mary, Esther-but on most days, that’s not who they see when they look in the mirror. Most women (if they’re honest) see the selfishness of Sapphira or the deception of Delilah. They catch of glimpse of Jezebel’s take-charge pride or Eve’s disastrous disobedience. Like Bathsheba, Herodias, and the rest, today’s modern woman is surrounded by temptations, exhausted by the demands of daily living, and burdened by her own desires.So what’s a good girl to do? Learn from their lives, says beloved humor writer Liz Curtis Higgs, and by God’s grace, choose a better path. In Bad Girls of the Bible, Higgs offers a unique and clear-sighted approach to understanding those “other women” in Scripture, combining a contemporary retelling of their stories with a solid, verse-by-verse study of their mistakes and what lessons women today can learn from them.Whether they were “Bad to the Bone,” “Bad for a Season, but Not Forever” or only “Bad for a Moment,” these infamous sisters show women how not to handle the challenges of life. With her trademark humor and encouragement, Liz Curtis Higgs teaches us how to avoid their tragic mistakes and joyfully embrace grace.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma

Creating A Garden by Liz Primeau

Canadian Gardening – Creating A Garden: Designs for Every Kind of Garden – from Country Settings to Urban Spaces by Liz Primeau
Requirements: .PDF reader, 24 MB
Overview: A charming country garden filled with old-fashioned blooms..the serenity of a Japanese meditation garden..a vine-covered urban retreat.. Here are dozens of innovative ideas to help you create the garden you’ve always wanted. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, a new garden or an existing one, this book can guide you through all the stages – from planning and design to planting and maintenance. Nine major garden styles are spotlighted, with complete plant lists, architectural features and suggested accessories. Other sections cover colour in the garden, statuary and ornaments, water gardens, and guidelines for planting with detailed information for all the different regions of Canada.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Container Vegetable Gardening by Liz Dobbs

Container Vegetable Gardening: Growing Crops in Pots in Every Space by Liz Dobbs
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 14.4 MB
Overview: Big Flavor from Small Spaces! This book will show you how to use the latest practices of high-density patio gardening to grow delicious vegetables, herbs and fruits in containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Imagine the satisfaction of diving into a plate full of food that you grew yourself. Stepping out onto your patio and picking fresh ingredients for a meal is a special experience that is possible almost all year long. Whether you want to learn how to grow lemon trees in pots or to create your very own salsa window box with chilies, dwarf tomatoes, scallions, and coriander-Growing Crops in Pots will show you how!
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Stalking Wild Psoas by Liz Koch

Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence by Liz Koch
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.2 MB
Overview: Weaving together biology, living systems thinking, and somatic movement, these nine short essays will inspire somatic therapists, bodyworkers, and movement educators

Liz Koch, author of Core Awareness and The Psoas Book, seeks to dissolve the objectification of "body" in order to reconceptualize human beings as biologically intelligent, self-organizing, and self-healing. Specifically addressing educators and therapists, she delves into the conceptual framework of core by decolonizing the popular mechanistic thinking of psoas as muscle, inviting the reader on a journey toward reengaging with life’s creative processes.

The book illuminates the limitations of the predominant paradigm of body and actively explores psoas as a vital, intelligent messenger that links us to an expansive network of profound possibilities. Employing biomorphic and embryonic paradigms, Koch redefines psoas as smart, expressive tissue that is both elemental and universal. Named after her popular exploratory workshops of the same name, Stalking Wild Psoas encourages all readers to nourish integrity and claim self-efficacy as creative and expressive individuals.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy – No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power Of Embracing Emotions At Work

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No Hard Feelings by Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy (.M4B)

No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work by Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 144 MB
Overview: "A must-read that topples the idea that emotions don’t belong in the workplace." (Susan Cain, author of Quiet)
A hilarious guide to effectively expressing your emotions at the office, finding fulfillment, and defining work-life balance on your own terms.
How do you stop the office grouch from ruining your day? How do you enjoy a vacation without obsessing about the unanswered emails in your inbox? If you’re a boss, what should you do when your new, eager hire wants to follow you on Instagram?
The modern workplace can be an emotional minefield, filled with confusing power structures and unwritten rules. We’re expected to be authentic, but not too authentic. Professional, but not stiff. Friendly, but not an oversharer. Easier said than done!
As both organizational consultants and regular people, we know what it’s like to experience uncomfortable emotions at work – everything from mild jealousy and insecurity to panic and rage. Ignoring or suppressing what you feel hurts your health and productivity – but so does letting your emotions run wild.
Our goal in this book is to teach you how to figure out which emotions to toss, which to keep to yourself, and which to express in order to be both happier and more effective. We’ll share some surprising new strategies, such as:
Be selectively vulnerable: Be honest about how you feel, but don’t burden others with your deepest problems.
Remember that your feelings aren’t facts: What we say isn’t always what we mean. In times of conflict and miscommunication, try to talk about your emotions without getting emotional.
Be less passionate about your job: Taking a chill pill can actually make you healthier and more focused.
Drawing on what we’ve learned from behavioral economics, psychology, and our own experiences at countless organizations, we’ll show you how to bring your best self (and your whole self) to work every day.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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The Divination Handbook by Liz Dean

The Divination Handbook: The Modern Seer’s Guide to Using Tarot, Crystals, Palmistry, and More by Liz Dean
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 10 MB
Overview: The Divination Handbook is a modern seer’s guide to developing your intuitive abilities and mastering time-honored techniques used for fortune-telling and prediction.
With this guide, you’ll learn how to use tarot, crystals, palmistry, and more to part the veils between the realms. Learn to understand the deeper meaning of ordinary events-and reveal what your future may hold.

Lavishly illustrated, The Divination Handbook presents to you over a dozen oracles of the ancients, from palm-reading and tea leaves, to fortune-telling with cards, runes, and crystals.

Step-by-step illustrations guide you through the methods, and helpful tables and reference charts show you how to understand and decipher common psychic symbols. Learn the stories and meanings in everyday objects-such as patterns of tea leaves and coffee grounds in a cup-or delve deeper into esoteric traditions like the tarot.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Divination Handbook by Liz Dean

The Divination Guide: The Fashionable Seer’s Information to The use of Tarot, Crystals, Palmistry, and Extra by way of Liz Dean
Necessities: .ePUB reader, 10 MB
Assessment: The Divination Guide is a contemporary seer’s information to creating your intuitive talents and mastering time-honored ways used for fortune-telling and prediction.
With this information, you’ll be able to learn to use tarot, crystals, palmistry, and extra to section the veils between the geographical regions. Discover ways to perceive the deeper that means of odd events-and disclose what your long run would possibly hang.

Lavishly illustrated, The Divination Guide gifts to you over a dozen oracles of the ancients, from palm-reading and tea leaves, to fortune-telling with playing cards, runes, and crystals.

Step by step illustrations information you in the course of the strategies, and useful tables and reference charts display you learn how to perceive and decipher commonplace psychic symbols. Be informed the tales and meanings in on a regular basis objects-such as patterns of tea leaves and occasional grounds in a cup-or delve deeper into esoteric traditions just like the tarot.
Style: Non-Fiction > Religion, Ideals & Philosophy

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Breaking Night by Liz Murray

Breaking Night by Liz Murray
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 768kB | Version: Retail
Overview: Liz Murray never really had a chance in life. Born to a drug-addicted father who was in and out of prison, and an equally dependent mother who was in and out of mental institutions, she seemed destined to become just another tragic statistic. Another life wasted on the brutal streets of New York. By the age of 15, Liz found herself homeless with nowhere to turn but the tough streets, riding subways all night for a warm place to sleep and foraging through dumpsters for food. But when her mother died of AIDS a year later, Liz’s life changed for ever. With no education, with no chance at a job or a home, she realised that only the most astonishing of turnarounds could stop her heading all the way down the same path her parents took. And so she set her mind to overcoming what seemed like impossible odds — and in the process, achieved something extraordinary. Told with astounding sincerity, Breaking Night is the breathtaking and inspirational story of how a young women, born into a world without hope, used every ounce of strength and determination to steer herself towards a brighter future. Beautifully written, it is a poignant, evocative and stirring portrait of struggle, desperation, forgiveness and survival.
Genre: Autobiography | Memoir

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Liz Earle Wellbeing – September 2018

Liz Earle Wellbeing – September 2018

October 3, 2018

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