Amateur Photographer – 16 March 2019-

Amateur Photographer is the sector’s oldest weekly mag for pictures fanatics. With its distinctive weekly layout, it’s the first for information and virtual and picture apparatus checks. Regular options on reader portfolios, darkroom, virtual, black & white and photographer profiles be certain all spaces of pictures are lined.

Web Designer UK – Issue 285, 2019-

Web Designer is the flagship publication for international web creatives, offering expert project-based tutorials across modern disciplines such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash, Photoshop, WordPress blogging and mobile apps. Accessible to hobbyists and professionals of all skill levels, the content is constantly informed by agency profiles, breaking stories and cutting-edge trends. Each issue features a CD packed with invaluable design resources and project files for the tutorials in the magazine. Give your latest website the perfect start with the ultimate design mag for the web professional.