The God Market by Meera Nanda +

The God Market: How Globalization is Making India More Hindu by Meera Nanda
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Overview: Conventional wisdom says that integration into the global marketplace tends to weaken the power of traditional faith in developing countries. But, as Meera Nanda argues in this path-breaking book, this is hardly the case in today’s India. Against expectations of growing secularism, India has instead seen a remarkable intertwining of Hinduism and neoliberal ideology, spurred on by a growing capitalist class. It is this "State-Temple-Corporate Complex," she claims, that now wields decisive political and economic power, and provides ideological cover for the dismantling of the Nehru-era state-dominated economy. According to this new logic, India’s rapid economic growth is attributable to a special "Hindu mind," and it is what separates the nation’s Hindu population from Muslims and others deemed to be "anti-modern." As a result, Hindu institutions are replacing public ones, and the Hindu "revival" itself has become big business, a major source of capital accumulation. Nanda explores the roots of this development and its possible future, as well as the struggle for secularism and socialism in the world’s second-most populous country.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Sacred Journeys by Meera Lester

Sacred Journeys: Your Guide to the World’s Most Transformative Spaces, Places, and Sites by Meera Lester
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 103 mb
Overview: A guide to 200 sacred, spirit-awakening, and restorative destinations-as well as inspiring quotes, key travel information, and special healing exercises to complete at each location-to start your journey to spiritual wellness.

There’s power in places! From Sedona, Lourdes, or even Tulum, this wellness-focused guide will show you the best sites to visit to get in touch with your spiritual side. Find inspiration with quotes from renowned spiritual leaders, enjoy full-color photos to help you prepare your travel wish list, learn more about legendary locations around the world, and start planning your next trip today.

Mourn a lost love-or celebrate a new one-at the Taj Mahal, summon strength from the mountains on Machu Picchu, and uncover the fortitude to make your dreams come true at the Bighorn Medicine Wheel-and much more! Discover the perfect trip for every circumstance, or just travel to unwind and reconnect with yourself. With healing wellness activities to complete at each location, this guide is the perfect way to jumpstart your spiritual travels and seek out a unique and transformative experience.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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