Art Alphabets, Monograms, And Lettering (dover Art …

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Art Alphabets, Monograms, and Lettering by J. M. Bergling

Art Alphabets, Monograms, and Lettering by J. M. Bergling
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 92.7 MB
Overview: Chicago-based jewelry engraver J. M. Bergling (1866-1933) created thousands of letter styles, signets, monograms, and ciphers. A noted author on the subjects of lettering and heraldic design, Bergling created books that became standard references of his era. He assembled his first book, Art Monograms and Letters,with the hopes of inspiring other etchers, engravers, sign painters, and artisans. This volume contains selected illustrations from that publication in addition to his complete Art Alphabets and Lettering,which comprises 96 pages of layouts and letter styles ranging from simple to ornate.

Commercial artists, designers, calligraphers, engravers, amateurs, and professionals will prize this exclusive edition as a source of high-quality images and alphabets. This reference book features an appreciative Foreword by artist and author James Gurney, which places Bergling’s works in historical context.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Victorian Alphabets, Monograms & Names by Rita Weiss

Victorian Alphabets, Monograms and Names for Needleworkers: from Godey’s Lady’s Book (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint) Godey’s Lady’s Book and Peterson’s Magazine by Rita Weiss (Editor)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 26 MB
Overview: The Victorian woman put initials on nearly every piece of linen and clothing she owned – everything from handkerchiefs and blouses to tablecloths, napkins, and towels. The modern needleworker may not be quite so avid about initialing everything, but initials and monograms are still attractive and popular ways of decorating common items.
This book brings you a large selection of alphabets, initials, monograms, and common names from Godey’s Lady’s Book and Peterson’s Magazine, the most popular American women’s magazines of the Victorian era. Each is available in a variety of letter forms, so that you may find the most suitable for your sewing needs: scripts, floral, geometric, Old English, block, ornamental, and many more. Although eminently usable for embroidery, there are also a number of alphabets for crochet and needlepoint. You will find these motifs of the highest quality – both easy to use and productive of professional-looking results.
For traditional embroidery and sewing needs, these alphabets, monograms, and names are ideal but you will also find them applicable to a number of modern uses: for decorating blue jeans and hats, for patches, and even a variety of non-sewing needs.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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