Places and Names by Elliot Ackerman

Places and Names: On War, Revolution, and Returning by Elliot Ackerman
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.4 MB
Overview: From a decorated Marine war veteran and National Book Award Finalist, an astonishing reckoning with the nature of combat and the human cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria

"War hath determined us ." – John Milton, Paradise Lost

Toward the beginning of Places and Names, Elliot Ackerman sits in a refugee camp in southern Turkey, across the table from a man named Abu Hassar, who fought for Al Qaeda in Iraq, and whose connections to the Islamic State are murky. At first, Ackerman pretends to have been a journalist during the Iraq War, but after establishes a rapport with Abu Hassar, he takes a risk by revealing to him that in fact he was a Marine special operation officer. Ackerman then draws the shape of the Euphrates River on a large piece of paper, and his one-time adversary quickly joins him in the game of filling in the map with the names and dates of where they saw fighting during the war. They had shadowed each other for some time, it turned out, a realization that brought them to a strange kind of intimacy.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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The 2019 Baby Names Almanac

The 2019 Baby Names Almanac
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Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss

Names for the Sea: Strangers in Iceland by Sarah Moss
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1 MB
Overview: Sarah Moss had a childhood dream of moving to Iceland, sustained by a wild summer there when she was nineteen. In 2009, she saw an advertisement for a job at the University of Iceland and applied on a whim, despite having two young children and a comfortable life in Kent. The resulting adventure was shaped by Iceland’s economic collapse, which halved the value of her salary, by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull and by a collection of new friends, including a poet who saw the only bombs fall on Iceland in 1943, a woman who speaks to elves and a chef who guided Sarah’s family around the intricacies of Icelandic cuisine.
Moss explored hillsides of boiling mud and volcanic craters and learned to drive like an Icelander on the unsurfaced roads that link remote farms and fishing villages in the far north. She watched the northern lights and the comings and goings of migratory birds, and as the weeks and months went by, she and her family learned new ways to live.
Names for the Sea is her compelling, beautiful and very funny account of living in a country poised on the edge of Europe, where modernization clashes with living folklore.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Victorian Alphabets, Monograms & Names by Rita Weiss

Victorian Alphabets, Monograms and Names for Needleworkers: from Godey’s Lady’s Book (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint) Godey’s Lady’s Book and Peterson’s Magazine by Rita Weiss (Editor)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 26 MB
Overview: The Victorian woman put initials on nearly every piece of linen and clothing she owned – everything from handkerchiefs and blouses to tablecloths, napkins, and towels. The modern needleworker may not be quite so avid about initialing everything, but initials and monograms are still attractive and popular ways of decorating common items.
This book brings you a large selection of alphabets, initials, monograms, and common names from Godey’s Lady’s Book and Peterson’s Magazine, the most popular American women’s magazines of the Victorian era. Each is available in a variety of letter forms, so that you may find the most suitable for your sewing needs: scripts, floral, geometric, Old English, block, ornamental, and many more. Although eminently usable for embroidery, there are also a number of alphabets for crochet and needlepoint. You will find these motifs of the highest quality – both easy to use and productive of professional-looking results.
For traditional embroidery and sewing needs, these alphabets, monograms, and names are ideal but you will also find them applicable to a number of modern uses: for decorating blue jeans and hats, for patches, and even a variety of non-sewing needs.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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A Compendium of Curious Colorado Place Names

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Language, Names, and Information

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Star Names by Richard Hinckley Allen

Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Dover Books on Astronomy) by Richard Hinckley Allen
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3,9 Mb
Overview: Here is an unusual book for anyone who appreciates the beauty and wonder of the stars. Solidly based upon years of thorough research into astronomical writings and observations of the ancient Chinese, Arabic, Euphrates, Hellenic, and Roman civilizations, it is an informative, non-technical excursion into the vast heritage of folklore and history associated with the heavenly bodies.
From his studies of the writings of scores of ancient astronomers, the author has come up with a fascinating history of the names various cultures have given the constellations, the literary and folkloristic uses that have been made of the stars through the centuries, and the often incredible associations that ancient peoples established with the stars. He covers, for example, the origins of the lunar and solar zodiacs; the use of stars and constellations in the Bible and other sacred writings, poetry, etc.; the idea of the Milky Way; how star pictures were originally set up and why; astrology and the use of stars to tell people’s fortunes; and many other star curiosities. In this regard, the book touches upon not only all of the constellations (including many that long ago dropped out of star catalogues), but their important stars and such other asterisms as the Hyades, the Pleiades, the Great Nebula of Andromeda, and the Magellanic Clouds.
The book is the only complete coverage of its kind in English. It is completely non-technical, hence accessible to etymologists, anthropologists, and amateur star-gazers. But it contains so much unique reading material on early astronomical theory, so many delightful accounts drawn from the pages of books almost impossible to find today, that even the practicing astronomer will find it refreshingly new and instructive.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Astronomy & Space Science > Astronomy

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The 2019 Baby Names Almanac, 9th Edition

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The 2019 Baby Names Almanac, 9th Edition

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The 2019 Baby Names Almanac, 9th Edition by Emily Larson

The 2019 Baby Names Almanac, 9th Edition by Emily Larson
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: The Hottest Baby Name Trends, Lists, and Forecasts
An instant snapshot of how the world today is shaping the name you may choose for your child tomorrow, The 2019 Baby Names Almanac is jam-packed with information and trends, plus thousands of names to browse.
With the most up-to-date data* and forecasts for what’s going on TODAY
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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British Tank Markings & Names by B. T. White

British Tank Markings & Names – Squadron Specials series (6021) by B. T. White
Requirements: .PDF reader, 34 MB
Overview: Squadron Specials series 6021.This comprehensive volume by B. T. White discusses the markings and camouflage of British tanks and AFVs from 1914 to 1945. Using 8 pages of color illustrations and numerous photographs, B. T. White has documented this common but relatively little-known aspect of British armou markings. All types of tanks, armored cars and other AFV`s are included in thorough coverage of this subject.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Best Baby Names for 2019 by Siobhan Thomas

Best Baby Names for 2019: Over 8,000 names and 100 inspiration lists by Siobhan Thomas
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 5 MB
Overview: The quick and easy way to find the perfect name for your new arrival.
From Arthur to Zipporah, choosing a name for your baby has never been easier with this ultimate baby-naming guide.

With all the information on the latest naming trends, this comprehensive and easy-to-use guide is full of inspirational names.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Career Advice From Some Of The Biggest Names In Business

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Patrick Foote – The Origin Of Names, Words And Everything In Between

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