MasterClass – Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

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Catching Stardust by Natalie Starkey

Catching Stardust: Comets, Asteroids and the Birth of the Solar System by Natalie Starkey
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 278 MB
Overview: Comets are the oldest objects in the solar system, plucked 4.6 billion years ago from a massive, swirling cloud of gas and dust that went on to create the sun and our entire solar system. The list of ingredients contained in a comet is the same as that required to make a planet, and through studying them we can learn how Earth became the planet it is today.
Comets have remained in the solar system deep freeze for the whole of their existence and provide scientists with a perfectly preserved snapshot of a time long ago – if they can get their hands on a sample, that is. We have only seen a handful of comets whizzing through the sky as they pass us on their way to their final destination, and we’ve had even fewer actual crash landings, though our knowledge and understanding of these bodies has increased considerably following the incredible Rosetta mission, in which the research craft Philae actually landed on a comet as it swung around the sun.
Comets are extensively studied to analyse their composition and behaviour, and through the results scientists can begin to answer fundamental questions about our existence: where did we come from? Where did our planet’s water originate? Was life delivered to Earth from outer space, and did it ride on the back of a comet?
Although the Earth hasn’t experienced a major cometary collision for a very long time, it is thought that a comet impact marked the end of the dinosaur reign. What would happen if a large comet were to set its sights on earth again? Would that be the end of humanity’s reign? It is almost certain that this will happen one day, and space agencies are actively researching how the course of a comet might be altered. Blow it up? Or nudge it out the way? These ideas are no longer just in the realms of science fiction books.
Natalie Starkey has been at the forefront of comet and asteroid research for more than a decade. In Catching Stardust she takes us up close and personal with comets and explains how we can use these ancient voyagers to help understand our place in the solar system.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Aging in Reverse by Natalie Jill

Aging in Reverse: The Easy 10-Day Plan to Change Your State, Plan Your Plate, Love Your Weight by Natalie Jill
Requirements: EPUB Reader 15.43 MB
Overview: Have you been feeling way too stressed out, pushing yourself too hard, thinking about all the things you can’t do, and just nottaking care of yourself?
Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist, fat loss expert, and high performance coach Natalie Jill has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world get in shape and be their best selves. Now, her new program will help you turn back the clock, turn setbacks into positives, and feel and look better than you ever have before. While many women over 40 hide their age, Natalie now flaunts hers: nearing 50, she’s at the top of her game. The secret? Natalie’s Transformation Triangle – Change Your State, Plan Your Plate, and Love Your Weight. When you change your mindset and engage all three points of the Triangle, everything shifts. You feel better in your skin and you get stronger, your focus improves, and your motivation kicks in so you keep improving every day. Natalie gives you the tools to clear your brain, keep hot flashes in check, recharge, and get your mojo back – that’s what aging in reverse is all about.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Health, Fitness & Medical –

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Living Lies by Natalie Walters

The Fabric of Cities by Natalie N. May

The Fabric of Cities: Aspects of Urbanism, Urban Topography and Society in Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome by Natalie N. May, Ulrike Steinert
Requirements: .PDF reader, 3.9 mb
Overview: The Fabric of Cities presents an interdisciplinary collection of articles on urbanism in ancient Mesopotamia, Israel, Greece and Rome, which focuses on the social dimension of cities’ topographical features. The contributions of this book offer investigations of neighbourhoods, city gates, streets, temples and palaces drawing on textual and archaeological sources as well as art. The topics treated in this work encompass the diverse functions of public and marginal spaces in Mesopotamian cities and Rome, the role of agency in the development of Babylonian neighbourhoods, the relationship between public and private in Assyrian palaces, the connection between political strategies and temple building in Sumerian literary texts, and the communicative uses of language in Classical Greek texts to talk about urban space.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Accident by Natalie Barelli

The Kanji Code by Natalie Hamilton

The Kanji Code: See the Sounds with Phonetic Components and Visual Patterns by Natalie Hamilton
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.3 MB
Overview: Intermediate students of Japanese are well aware of the term ‘ON reading’ and know that memorising kanji readings is one of the biggest hurdles when learning to read Japanese. This handbook provides a wealth of information to help you tackle this difficult aspect of kanji study.

So many Japanese resources mention phonetic components in passing, only offering one or two examples. It is very hard to find a definitive list of the phonetic components, as opposed to radicals which can be found in most kanji dictionaries and in multiple online resources. The Kanji Code provides that list, introducing 150 phonetic components to help you learn the ON readings of 450+ common kanji characters. The book can be used as a textbook and studied from start to finish, but it is particularly helpful as a handy reference guide, used in tandem with standard kanji textbooks.

It provides useful background information to give you a deeper understanding of the history of kanji and the roles of the different components. It includes an easy-to-understand explanation of the keisei moji (形成文字) or form-sound kanji. In addition to the phonetic components, it introduces two innovative mnemonic methods for learning kanji ON readings.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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The Medici Women by Natalie R. Tomas

The Medici Women: Gender and Power in Renaissance Florence (Women and Gender in the Early Modern World) by Natalie R. Tomas
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.8mb
Overview: The Medici Women is a study of the women of the famous Medici family of Florence in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Natalie Tomas examines critically the changing contribution of the women in the Medici family to the eventual success of the Medici regime and their exercise of power within it; and contributes to our historical understanding of how women were able to wield power in late medieval and early modern Italy and Europe. Tomas takes a feminist approach that examines the experience of the Medici women within a critical framework of gender analysis, rather than biography. Using the relationship between gender and power as a vantage point, she analyzes the Medici women’s uses of power and influence over time. She also analyzes the varied contemporary reactions to and representation of that power, and the manner in which the women’s actions in the political sphere changed over the course of the century between republican and ducal rule (1434-1537). The narrative focuses especially on how women were able to exercise power, the constraints placed upon them, and how their gender intersected with the exercise of power and influence. Keeping the historiography to a minimum and explaining all unfamiliar Italian terms, Tomas makes her narrative clear and accessible to non-specialists; thus The Medici Women appeals to scholars of women’s studies across disciplines and geographical boundaries.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Cook to Thrive by Natalie Coughlin

Cook to Thrive: Recipes to Fuel Body and Soul by Natalie Coughlin
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 110 MB
Overview: From one of the most decorated athletes of all time, 80 healthy and delicious recipes to fuel and nourish an active lifestyle while never sacrificing flavor

When all that exists between winning a gold and a bronze medal are hundredths of a second, every detail matters-especially the food you put in your body. Some Olympians may survive on bland brown rice and steamed chicken breasts and broccoli, while others may happily down fast-food cheeseburgers, but not world champion swimmer Natalie Coughlin. Natalie embraces a winning, nourishing path with wholesome meals that have tons of flavor to satisfy both the body and the soul-the key to her success. Natalie’s debut cookbook, Cook to Thrive, is full of the healthy, delicious recipes that sustain her both in and out of the pool: hearty breakfasts, bountiful salads, grains and pastas, energizing smoothies, big salads, grab-and-go snacks-all nutritious, satisfying, and delicious. Natalie believes in balance, not extreme deprivation, and that means moments of indulgence are not only allowed, but necessary. In Cook to Thrive, you’ll find personal, comforting recipes inspired by Natalie’s Filipino background and many based on dishes from her travels around the world for competitions. Natalie’s tried-and-true techniques and tips for very busy schedules prove that if she can do it, you can too.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Last Lullaby (Detective Natalie Ward #2) by Carol Wyer (.M4B)

Last Lullaby (Detective Natalie Ward #2) by Carol Wyer
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 285 MB
Overview: Charlotte’s baby is safe. But is she?

When the body of mother Charlotte Brannon is discovered by her husband, Adam, in their bedroom, Detective Natalie Ward is first on the scene. The killer has left a chilling calling card: The word Why? written on the wall in blood.

As Natalie begins to delve deeper into the couple’s lives, she discovers that Adam has a dark past he’s been hiding, and she’s sure that the Brannons’ teenage babysitter, Inge, has secrets of her own.

Then another mother is murdered on her doorstep in front of her young son, the word why scrawled on the wall next to her.

All the key suspects have alibis, and with her own marriage hanging by a thread, Natalie is struggling to stay focused on cracking her toughest case yet.

When a young woman and her baby disappear, a member of Natalie’s own team is put in terrible danger. Can Natalie stop this twisted serial killer and save one of her own before more families are torn apart forever?

Gripping, fast-paced, and nail-bitingly tense, this book will send shivers down your spine. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, and Karin Slaughter.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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Barking with the Big Dogs by Natalie Babbitt

Barking with the Big Dogs: On Writing and Reading Books for Children by Natalie Babbitt
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 36.1 MB
Overview: In this collection of essays and speeches written over the course of four decades, beloved storyteller Natalie Babbitt explores what it was like to be a "little dog" in the literary world, continually being forced to justify her choice to write books for children–instead of doing something more serious. Babbitt offers incisive commentary on classic children’s books as well as contemporary works, and reveals colorful insights into her own personal creative life. Filled with a voice that rings with truth, wisdom, and humor across the years, the essays gathered in Barking with the Big Dogs exemplify on every page true reverence for children and an endless engagement with the challenge to write the books that shape them.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Sports Nutrition for Health by Natalie Digate Muth

Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals by Natalie Digate Muth
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 47.1 MB
Overview: Develop the knowledge base you need to integrate the science of nutrition and the latest evidence into your scope of practice. Explore the relevance of sports nutrition to each of the major allied health professions and understand the role it plays in each.
Step-by-by, you’ll learn about the scientific basis of sports nutrition and how to apply the physiology to real-life situations and interactions with clients. You’ll follow four different clients as they are evaluated by a variety of health professionals and undergo a series of assessments and self-administered tests.
From the relationship between nutrition and exercise to new foods, supplements, and special diets, you’ll be prepared to educate clients about the relationship between nutrition and exercise and to evaluate and optimize their nutritional status.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical

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Sports Nutrition for Health by Natalie Digate Muth

Sports activities Vitamin for Well being Execs via Natalie Digate Muth
Necessities: .ePUB reader, 47.1 MB
Review: Broaden the data base you want to combine the science of vitamin and the newest proof into your scope of observe. Discover the relevance of sports activities vitamin to each and every of the key allied well being professions and perceive the function it performs in each and every.
Step-by-by, you can be informed concerning the medical foundation of sports activities vitamin and the way to follow the body structure to real-life eventualities and interactions with purchasers. You’ll be able to apply 4 other purchasers as they’re evaluated via quite a lot of well being pros and go through a sequence of checks and self-administered checks.
From the connection between vitamin and workout to new meals, dietary supplements, and particular diets, you can be ready to teach purchasers concerning the dating between vitamin and workout and to guage and optimize their dietary standing.
Style: Non-Fiction > Well being, Health & Clinical

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Image and Presence by Natalie Carnes

Image and Presence: A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia (Encountering Traditions) by Natalie Carnes
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.3 MB
Overview: Images increasingly saturate our world, making present to us what is distant or obscure. Yet the power of images also arises from what they do not make present-from a type of absence they do not dispel. Joining a growing multidisciplinary conversation that rejects an understanding of images as lifeless objects, this book offers a theological meditation on the ways images convey presence into our world. Just as Christ negates himself in order to manifest the invisible God, images, Natalie Carnes contends, negate themselves to give more than they literally or materially are. Her Christological reflections bring iconoclasm and iconophilia into productive relation, suggesting that they need not oppose one another. Investigating such images as the biblical golden calf and paintings of the Virgin Mary, Carnes explores how to distinguish between iconoclasms that maintain fidelity to their theological intentions and those that lead to visual temptation. Offering ecumenical reflections on issues that have long divided Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions, Image and Presence provokes a fundamental reconsideration of images and of the global image crises of our time.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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