Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon And Perry Marshall – Email Success Summit

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Thomas Perry – Collection

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Streets Apart and Hearts Apart by way of H.J. Perry (.M4B)

Streets Apart and Hearts Apart (Streets Apart #1-2) by way of H.J. Perry
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 155 MB
Overview: A homosexual buddies to fans romance. Two novellas blended into one novel. I’m Aaron. I’ve were given a weigh down the scale of Europe on Joe, who lives around the boulevard, and when he is round, I turn out to be right into a prize fool. The remainder of the time I’m a trainee plumber. On Sundays, I turn out to be right into a participant within the novice soccer league. In all, a assured, well-adjusted man. For a 20-year-old virgin who lives together with his folks and falls aside over the boy not-quite subsequent door. Joe’s lovely, horny, a laugh and the rationale the phrase horny was once invented. We used to play in combination as children within the huge posh space that he lives in together with his folks, the medical doctors. Now he is at college, learning literature. How do I ask a man for a date when I will’t string in combination a coherent sentence when he is round, and I do not even know if he is homosexual? And what is extra, nobody is aware of I’m homosexual. Who assists in keeping their boyfriend within the closet at the moment? I would like the sector to understand how a lot he manner to me. I’m going to return out, however now not lately, I will do it subsequent week. This is a sizzling, horny, feel-good romance about two younger males who’re loopy about every different and do loads of kissing, hand keeping and taking their garments off. 64,000 phrases of standalone horny, comedy, romance.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance, MM

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Anne Perry – Collection

Anne Perry – Collection

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The Indian Ideology by Perry Anderson

The Indian Ideology by Perry Anderson
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 450 KB
Overview: Today, the Indian state claims to embody the values of a stable political democracy, a harmonious territorial unity, and a steadfast religious impartiality.

Even many of those critical of the inequalities of Indian society underwrite such claims. The Indian Ideology suggests that the roots of the current ills of the Republic go much deeper, historically. They lie, in the way the struggle for independence culminated in the transfer of power from British rule to Congress in a divided subcontinent, not least in the roles played by Gandhi as the great architect of the movement, and Nehru as his appointed successor, in the catastrophe of Partition. Only an honest reckoning with that disaster, Perry Anderson argues, offers an understanding of what has gone wrong with the Republic since Independence. The ‘Idea of India’, widely diffused not only in the official establishment, but more broadly in mainstream intellectual life, side-steps or suppresses many of these uncomfortable realities, past and present. For its own reasons, much of the left has yet to challenge the upshot: what has come to be the neo-Nehruvian consensus of the time.

The Indian Ideology, revisiting the events of over a century in the light of how millions of Indians fare in the Republic today, suggests another way of looking at the country.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History > Indian Independence

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Thomas Perry – Collection

Thomas Perry – Collection

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Devney Perry – The Coppersmith Farmhouse

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The Perception of People by Perry R. Hinton

The Perception of People: Integrating Cognition and Culture by Perry R. Hinton
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: What are other people like? How do we decide if someone is friendly, honest or clever? What assumptions do we develop about them and what explanations do we give for their behaviour? The Perception of People examines key topics in psychology to explore how we make sense of other people (and ourselves). Do our decisions result from careful consideration and a desire to produce an accurate perception? Or do we jump to conclusions in our judgements and rely on expectations and stereotypes?

To answer these questions the book examines models of person perception and provides an up-to-date and detailed account of the central psychological research in this area, focusing in particular on the social cognitive approach. It also considers and reflects on the involvement of culture in cognition, and includes coverage of relevant research in culture and language that influence the way we think and speak about others.

As well as providing a valuable text in social psychology, The Perception of People also offers a direction for the integration of ideas from cognitive and social psychology with those of cultural psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy and social history. Clear explanation of modern research is placed in historical and cultural context to provide a fuller understanding of how psychologists have worked to understand how people interpret the world around them and make sense of the people within it.

Ideal reading for students of social psychology, this engaging text will also be useful in subject areas such as communication studies and media studies, where the perception of people is highly relevant.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Social Psychology & Interactions

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Perry Marshall & Mike Rhodes – Google Ads Mastery (2019)

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Thomas Perry – The Burglar

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The Burglar by Thomas Perry

The Burglar by Thomas Perry
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 135 MB
Overview: From the New York Times best-selling author Thomas Perry, "who can be depended upon to deliver high-voltage shocks" (Stephen King), comes a new thriller about an unlikely burglar – a young woman in her 20s – who realizes she must solve a string of murders or else become the next victim.

Elle Stowell is a young woman with an unconventional profession: burglary. But Elle is no petty thief – with just the right combination of smarts, looks, and skills, she can easily stroll through ritzy Bel Air neighborhoods and pick out the perfect home for plucking the most valuable items. This is how Elle has always gotten by – she is good at it, and she thrives on the thrill. But after stumbling upon a grisly triple homicide while stealing from the home of a wealthy art dealer, Elle discovers she is no longer the only one sneaking around. Somebody is searching for her.

As Elle realizes her knowledge of the high-profile murder has made her a target, she races to solve the case before becoming the next casualty, using her breaking-and-entering skills to uncover the truth about exactly who the victims were and why someone might have wanted them dead.

With high-stakes action and shocking revelations, The Burglar will keep listeners on the edge of their seats as they barrel toward the heart-racing conclusion.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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The Burglar by Thomas Perry