Practising French Grammar: A Workbook

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Practising with Deleuze by Suzie Attiwill

Practising with Deleuze: Design, Dance, Art, Writing, Philosophy by Suzie Attiwill, Jon Roffe, Terri Bird, Andrea Eckersley, Antonia Pont, Philipa Rothfield
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2MB
Overview: The first systematic reading of Gilles Deleuze’s mature philosophy through the lens of creative practice.

Six authors – two fine artists, a dancer, a creative writer, a designer and a philosopher – open multiple dialogues between contemporary creative practices and the generative philosophy of Deleuze. These conversations are focused around key aspects of production: forming, framing, experiencing, encountering and practising.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Practising Human Geography by Paul Cloke

Practising Human Geography by Paul Cloke,Ian Cook,Philip Crang, Mark A Goodwin, Joe Painter, Professor Chris Philo
Requirements: .PDF reader, 5,1 Mb
Overview: Practising Human Geography is critical introduction to disciplinary debates about the practice of human geography, that is informed by an inquiry into how geographers actually do research. In examining those methods and practices that are integral to doing geography, the text presents a theoretically-informed reflection on the construction and interpretation of geographical data – including factual and "fictional" sources; the use of core research methodologies; and the interpretative role of the researcher.
Framed by an historical overview how ideas of practising human geography have changed, the following three sections offer an comprehensive and integrated overview of research methodologies.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Social Sciences > Geography

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