Goddess Reclaimed by Syma Kharal +

Goddess Reclaimed: 13 Initiations to Unleash Your Sacred Feminine Power by Syma Kharal
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Overview: Awaken your inner Goddess by embarking on a transformational journey with international Sacred Feminine coach, healer, and #1 bestselling author, Syma Kharal.

Whether you are new to Goddess spirituality or deeply immersed on your path, this book will help you (and every woman regardless of her spirituality) resurrect and unapologetically own your innate shakti-your Divine Feminine power-so that you may heal, rise, and flourish in every way. As you meet fourteen archetypal Goddesses along your magical journey, each one will reignite the ancient feminine wisdom, power, and gifts that have always been within you.

Through each progressive gateway, Syma shares inspiring interpretations of the myths and attributes of each Goddess to help you reconnect with her nature within yourself. She then leads you through deeply powerful initiations using guided meditations and rituals to help you embody the essence of each Goddess. Syma also provides practical guidance to help you apply the teachings of each Goddess in your daily life.

No matter where you are when you begin, this alchemical journey will empower you to release negative, self-sabotaging patterns and embrace the divine love, joy, pleasure, abundance, success, and fulfillment you were born for. By the end, you will take your seat upon your throne as the Sovereign Queen of your domain and as a beautiful feminine leader in the world.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy > Spirituality > Personal Growth

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Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition through David Clarke

Reclaimed Land: Hong Kong in Transition through David Clarke
Requirements: .PDF reader, 18.5 Mb
Overview: Between the tip of 1994 and the start of 2000 – the closing 5 years of the former millenium – David Clarke took no less than one black-and-white picture on a daily basis as he created a singular ‘picture diary’. Drawing in this intensive visible archive, Reclaimed Land Hong Kong in Transition provides a non-public and important point of view at the lifetime of probably the most international’s maximum colourful towns right through a time of serious alternate and self-questioning. This innovatively conceived ebook items an research in deeply thought to be phrases and imaginative pictures of 5 years of Hong Kong’s historical past whose precise mid-point – middle of the night on 30 June 1997 – noticed the tip of British colonial rule and the established order of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Instead of focussing at the much-documented ceremonial occasions surrounding the handover itself, on the other hand, Reclaimed Land examines a long term means of bodily and cultural transformation of which the occasions of mid-1997 have been however one section. This is an peculiar and unique approach of telling the tale of the ones years, and of inspecting the forces and phenomena in the back of that tale. It can also be loved for its pictures, thought to be as an excitingly other approach of recording historical past, and skim as a profound mirrored image on a town foreseeing after which experiencing an ancient transformation.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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