Posted in Wartime by Richard Knott

Posted in Wartime: Letters Home From Abroad by Richard Knott
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Overview: The Second World War saw many people consigned to long periods of exile, far from home. How did the exiled keep in touch with home? Why were some exiles silent when others wrote frequently and at length? Posted in Wartime explores the nature of such exile and considers what could be written in diaries and letters, given that letters were censored and diaries were, at best, frowned upon. At the book’s heart are the stories of three very different exiles: a Liberty Ship captain; a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps; and an airman in Iraq and Palestine. Set alongside those are the experiences of a number of celebrated wartime exiles whose diaries and letters are both extensive and detailed, and whose stories loosely connect with the journeys of the three main protagonists; they include the travel writer Freya Stark, the photographer Cecil Beaton, and the playwright Noël Coward.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Studies in Tape Reading by Richard Wyckoff

Studies in Tape Reading by Richard Wyckoff , Rollo Tape
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Overview: Written by legendary financial author Richard Wyckoff, this book lays out a solid approach to understanding and trading in markets. Some topics covered include trading rules, stop orders, importance of volume and examples of trades. Many years after it was written, this book still provides priceless insight to traders.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Fifty Years Of Carry On by Richard Webber

50 Years Of Carry On by Richard Webber
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Overview: In August 1958, the opening scenes of a low-budget black and white film flickered onto cinema screens up and down the country. No one could have foreseen what impact Carry on Sergeant would have then and in the future. Not only did it become one of the top three grossing films for that year, it also kick started the longest running and most successful comedy series of all time.

Here, for the very first time, is the essential biography of this most treasured institution in the world of British cinema. Complete with exclusive interviews with cast and crew, and the debut publication of Vince Powell’s script of Carry On Down Under, Fifty Years of Carry On is a must for any fan of the unique and ever hilarious spectacle that is Carry On.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Richard Rhodes – Energy: A Human History

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Cosori Air Fryer by Richard Carry +

Cosori Air Fryer: Simple Dehydrating, Roasting, Cosori Air Fryer Recipes by Richard Carry
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.1 MB
Overview: Cosori Air Fryer
Cosori Air Fryer : Simple Dehydrating, Roasting, Cosori Air Fryer Recipes is devoted to both beginner cooks and advanced cooks, passionate about crispy and delicious meals.
– Craveable and Irresistible air fryer recipes to make in your Cosori Air Fryer and other Air Fryer Appliances.
– New Technique that will change the way you cook.
– Tips & Tricks on how to use the Cosori Air Fryer and other Air Fryer Appliances in the best possible way.
– Lots of Crispy & Yummy and Delicious Meals made in no time with no-fuss.
If you really want the complete cookbook that really work. This Cosori Air Fryer Cookbook is your perfect choice.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Magdala of Galilee by Richard Bauckham

Magdala of Galilee: A Jewish City in the Hellenistic and Roman Period by Richard Bauckham
Requirements: .PDF reader, 6.9 mb
Overview: Magdala of Galilee for the first time unifies the results of various excavations of the Galilean city. Here, archaeologists and historians of the Second Temple Period work together to understand the site and its significance to profile Galilee and the region around the lake in the Early Roman period.

After a comprehensive overview of the history and character of the city, the volume details the harbor, the domestic and mercantile sectors, the Jewish ritual baths, and the synagogue, with its unique and remarkable engraved stone. There is also a full study of Magdala’s fishing industry, which dominated fishing on the lake, and the production of salted fish. The rabbinic traditions about Magdala are fully investigated for the first time, and a study of Josephus’ account of the city’s role in the Jewish revolt is also included. The in-depth archaeological, historical, and literary analyses are enriched by a wealth of on-site photographs, regional maps, and excavation plans.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Muddied Oafs: The Soul of Rugby by Richard Beard

Muddied Oafs: The Soul of Rugby by Richard Beard
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Overview: There is Rugby Union: the fast, compelling, TV-friendly combat sport in which sponsored gladiators are sold on their ability to crash into each other at top speed, and sometimes even to avoid each other and score. And then there’s rugger.
Rugger was once the serious version of rugby, more than a mere game, a fierce contact-sport developed in Victorian public schools to forge manly and unshakeable character. For a hundred years boys played rugger and made themselves into men. They also drank too much beer and took their trousers down in public.
Richard Beard sets out to examine this contradiction by revisiting his seven former rugby clubs in four different countries. He meets Booker prize-winning authors and former England hookers, explores rugby’s rivalry with soccer, its surprising attraction for nonconformists, and its unlikely role in organised crime. All while trying to get himself a game.
This is Beard’s quest into his rugby-playing past, where he’s lived the sport in many of its varied forms. By the end of his wayward journey, he almost qualifies to judge whether rugger has achieved what the Victorians always intended, and made him a better man.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

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Becoming Fluent by Richard M. Roberts, Roger J. Kreuz +

Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language by Richard M. Roberts, Roger J. Kreuz
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.4 Mb
Overview: Adults who want to learn a foreign language are often discouraged because they believe they cannot acquire a language as easily as children. Once they begin to learn a language, adults may be further discouraged when they find the methods used to teach children don’t seem to work for them. What is an adult language learner to do? In this book, Richard Roberts and Roger Kreuz draw on insights from psychology and cognitive science to show that adults can master a foreign language if they bring to bear the skills and knowledge they have honed over a lifetime. Adults shouldn’t try to learn as children do; they should learn like adults.

Roberts and Kreuz report evidence that adults can learn new languages even more easily than children. Children appear to have only two advantages over adults in learning a language: they acquire a native accent more easily, and they do not suffer from self-defeating anxiety about learning a language. Adults, on the other hand, have the greater advantages-gained from experience-of an understanding of their own mental processes and knowing how to use language to do things. Adults have an especially advantageous grasp of pragmatics, the social use of language, and Roberts and Kreuz show how to leverage this metalinguistic ability in learning a new language.

Learning a language takes effort. But if adult learners apply the tools acquired over a lifetime, it can be enjoyable and rewarding.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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The Hidden Story of Richard Sorge by Conrad Bauer

History’s Greatest Spies: The Hidden Story of Richard Sorge by Conrad Bauer
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1 MB
Overview: Richard Sorge was the greatest spy that the world has ever known. Read his story and find out how his spy work changed the course of history.
It can be easy to think of spies just as we see them in the movies. All of the high speed car chases, the witty one liners, and the femme fatales feed into a common conception of an international man of mystery. But real spy work is different. Real spy work is, ultimately, human. It is conducted by flawed men, exploiting the fear and ambition of similarly damaged individuals. At the end, the credits do not roll. Spies are far likelier to find themselves caught and executed in a foreign land than they are to drive off into the sunset with a new paramour on their arm. Real spies are real people and they are in real danger at all times.
Even if the popular conception of a spy might be fundamentally flawed, it does not mean that the actual equivalents are not just as exciting. The intelligence gathered can have world changing significance and can save – or threaten – millions of lives. Of all the spies that ever lived, the greatest is a man named Richard Sorge. As the Soviet Union’s best intelligence officer, he went deep undercover as a Nazi in Imperial Japan. The information he gathered had a real impact on the course of human history. The true story of his life is, in the classic sense, stranger than fiction.
In this book, we will explore key events from the life of history’s greatest spy. We will learn how he gathered intelligence, turned informants to his will, and fooled everyone with whom he fell into contact. But we will also learn of his flaws, his tragedies, and his final demise. If you would like to learn what it takes to become a real spy, read on and discover just how high the bar has been set.
Scroll back up and grab your copy today!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Richard Fox – The Ember War Series

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Richard Fox – The Ember War Series

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Richard Fox – The Ember War Series

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Achieving Our Country by way of Richard Rorty

Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought in Twentieth-Century America by way of Richard Rorty
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 90 MB
Overview: Must the sins of America’s previous poison its hope for the long run? Lately the American Left, retreating into the ivied halls of academe to rue the country’s disgrace, has responded sure in each phrase and deed. In Achieving Our Country, certainly one of America’s important philosophers demanding situations this misplaced technology of the Left to know the function it would play within the nice custom of democratic highbrow hard work that began with writers like Walt Whitman and John Dewey.
How have nationwide delight and American patriotism come to appear an endorsement of atrocities – from slavery to the slaughter of Native Americans, from the rape of historic forests to the Vietnam War? Achieving Our Country strains the assets of this debilitating mentality of disgrace within the Left in addition to the hurt it does to its proponents and to the rustic. At the middle of this historical past is the warfare between the Old Left and the New that arose throughout the Vietnam War technology. Richard Rorty describes how the paradoxical victory of the antiwar motion, ushering within the Nixon years, inspired a upset technology of intellectuals to pursue "High Theory" on the expense of taking into consideration where of concepts in our commonplace existence. In this flip to principle, Rorty sees a retreat from the secularism and pragmatism championed by way of Dewey and Whitman, and he decries the tendency of the heirs of the New Left to theorize concerning the United States from a distance as an alternative of taking part within the civic paintings of shaping our nationwide long term.
In the absence of a colourful, energetic Left, the perspectives of intellectuals at the American Right have come to dominate the general public sphere. This galvanizing e-book, tailored from Rorty’s Massey Lectures of 1997, takes step one towards redressing the imbalance in American cultural existence by way of rallying the ones at the Left to the civic engagement and inspiration wanted for "reaching our nation".
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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In Defense of Monopoly via Richard B. McKenzie+

In Defense of Monopoly: How Market Power Fosters Creative Production via Richard B. McKenzie, Dwight R. Lee
Requirements: .PDF reader, 17.2 Mb
Overview: In Defense of Monopoly gives an unconventional however empirically grounded argument in choose of marketplace monopolies. Authors McKenzie and Lee declare that standard, static fashions exaggerate the hurt completed via real-world monopolies, they usually display why some extent of monopoly presence is vital to maximise the development of human welfare through the years.

Inspired via Joseph Schumpeter’s advice that marketplace imperfections can pressure an economic system’s long-term development, In Defense of Monopoly defies standard assumptions to turn readers why an financial device’s failure to successfully allocate its sources is in truth a vital precondition for maximizing the device’s long-term efficiency: the peerlessly fluid, aggressive economic system idealized via maximum economists is decidedly not as good as one characterised via marketplace access and go out restrictions or prices.

An economic system isn’t a board recreation by which avid gamers compete for a restricted selection of houses, neither is it similar to the type of blackboard video games that economists use to broaden their monopoly fashions. As McKenzie and Lee show, the advent of products and services and products in the actual global calls for no longer most effective pageant however the prospect of positive aspects past an ordinary aggressive fee of go back.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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