Making and Remaking the Balkans by Robert Clegg Austin

Making and Remaking the Balkans: Nations and States since 1878 (Munk Series on Global Affairs) by Robert Clegg Austin
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Overview: With more than 25 years since the collapse of communism, the end of the wars and billions of dollars in aid, the Balkans are still characterized by corruption, state capture, and decidedly unmodern states that are often either weak or authoritarian. Taking the contemporary Balkans as a starting point, Making and Remaking the Balkans studies the region’s history combined with observations based on more than twenty years of field experience.
Primarily concerned with current issues in the Balkans since 1989, this book explains why the region has endured such a prolonged and fraught transition to democracy and eventual membership in the European Union. The young and educated have largely left. Governmental crisis and economic stagnation is the norm and much-needed regional cooperation has been suppressed by renewed nationalism. Wars on corruption have proved to be largely rhetorical. Making and Remaking the Balkans offers a systematic study of the issues the entire region faces as it struggles to complete the European integration process at a time when the European Union faces bigger problems elsewhere.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Worship Old and New by Robert E. Webber

Worship Old and New by Robert E. Webber
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 454.1 Kb
Overview: A worship that will have staying power is a worship that is firmly grounded in the old, yet aware of and concerned for new ways to respond to the old, old story.” In the first edition of Worship Old and New, Robert E. Webber introduced an approach to worship that blended historical and traditional practices with contemporary elements. Since then, the spreading fires of worship renewal have provided opportunity for fresh consideration. This significantly revised edition is the result of Webber’s interaction with current worship trends. It is intended to be used both in the classroom and by those who want to improve worship in the local church. Reformatted for an easier, logical approach to worship theology, this revised edition of Worship Old and New is divided into four major sections, addressing the biblical foundation of worship, its theology, its history, and its practice. New information has been incorporated into each section to give the reader a better grasp of the biblical themes of worship, a deeper understanding of Old Testament customs, and a solid grounding in modern-day renewal movements. Especially significant is a reexamination of the actual practice of worship that goes beyond the merely academic to provide a practical perspective through the eyes of the worship leader and worshipers. Well-versed in the best of both past and present, Worship Old and New is a scholarly, up-to-date, and thought-provoking resource for those serious about exploring worship.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Nature of Cognition by Robert J. Sternberg

The Nature of Cognition by Robert J. Sternberg
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Overview: Most cognitive psychology texts are organized around empirical findings on standard substantive topics such as perception, memory, vision, and language. This book is the first to introduce the study of cognition in terms of the major conceptual themes that underlie virtually all the substantive topics. Taking a dialectical approach, the chapters contrast alternative approaches to the underlying themes (e.g., domain-generality vs. domain-specificity), then show how a synthesis of the two approaches provides the best understanding. The book is organized into six sections: general issues in cognition, representation and process in cognition, methodology in cognition, kinds of cognition, group and individual differences in cognition, and a conclusion.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Temperate Forest Experiments by Robert Gardner

Temperate Forest Experiments: 8 Science Experiments in One Hour or Less by Robert Gardner
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 7.8 Mb
Overview: Have you waited until the last minute to start your science project? Dont worry, award-winning author Robert Gardner has you covered! Each experiment in TEMPERATE FOREST EXPERIMENTS: 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS IN ONE HOUR OR LESS follows the scientific method, and can be completed in an hour or less. Explore leaf anatomy, use a trees shadow to measure its height, and find out how old that tree is. Most experiments also include ideas for science fair projects, in case you have more time than you originally thought.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Turnback Creek (Widowmaker #2) by Robert J. Randisi

Turnback Creek (Widowmaker #2) by Robert J. Randisi
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 167.1 MB
Overview: Best-selling author of The Gunsmith series, Robert J. Randisi has over five million copies of his books in print. Fans love his hard-hitting Westerns, and The Widowmaker series features some of his best. Crack-shot gunfighter John Locke has just been hired to guard a payroll wagon stuffed with cash and bound for Turnback Creek. But out on the trail, bandits lurk in the shadows.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Westerns

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Robert Plant by Dave Thompson

Robert Plant: The Voice That Sailed the Zeppelin by Dave Thompson
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Overview: Robert Plant: The Voice That Sailed the Zeppelin follows the iconic singer through his heights of fame with classic rock giant Led Zeppelin, his second life as a multimillion-selling solo artist, and his more idiosyncratic pursuits. A wealth of former associates lend their voices and recollections to an account that steps far beyond the tried and tested tales of Zeppelin’s life and times.

This all-new biography details Plant’s early years as an unknown in Birmingham, England, with fresh depth and insight. It likewise tells the Zeppelin story from new and unexpected angles, focusing on Plant’s contributions to the band’s success and on the toll/effect of that success on him as a performer and an individual.

After drummer John Bonham died in 1980 and Zeppelin broke up, Plant went solo two years later, in time becoming the only former band member to maintain an unbroken career to this day. His single-mindedness in meeting this challenge might well be his greatest personal attribute, enabling him to push forward without regard for his past or any related expectations. Dave Thompson shows how it is Plant’s determination alone that ensured Zeppelin reunions would not become a routine part of the classic rock furniture, as he created a body of work that in so many ways artistically rivals what he recorded with the band.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Robert Jackson Bennett – Collection

Robert Jackson Bennett – Collection

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Robert Ellis – Collection

Robert Ellis – Collection

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The Harvest of Sorrow by Robert Conquest

The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine by Robert Conquest
Requirements: .PDF reader, 7.6 Mb
Overview: The Harvest of Sorrow is the first full history of one of the most horrendous human tragedies of the 20th century. Between 1929 and 1932 the Soviet Communist Party struck a double blow at the Russian peasantry: dekulakization, the dispossession and deportation of millions of peasant families, and collectivization, the abolition of private ownership of land and the concentration of the remaining peasants in party-controlled "collective" farms. This was followed in 1932-33 by a "terror-famine," inflicted by the State on the collectivized peasants of the Ukraine and certain other areas by setting impossibly high grain quotas, removing every other source of food, and preventing help from outside–even from other areas of the Soviet Union–from reaching the starving populace. The death toll resulting from the actions described in this book was an estimated 14.5 million–more than the total number of deaths for all countries in World War I.

Ambitious, meticulously researched, and lucidly written, The Harvest of Sorrow is a deeply moving testament to those who died, and will register in the Western consciousness a sense of the dark side of this century’s history.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Stark Mad Abolitionists by Robert K. Sutton

Stark Mad Abolitionists: Lawrence, Kansas, and the Battle over Slavery in the Civil War Era by Robert K. Sutton
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 4.8 MB
Overview: In May, 1854, Massachusetts was in an uproar. A judge, bound by the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850, had just ordered a young African American man who had escaped from slavery in Virginia and settled in Boston to be returned to bondage in the South. An estimated 50,000 citizen rioted in protest. Observing the scene was Amos Adams Lawrence, a wealthy Bostonian, who "waked up a stark mad Abolitionist." As quickly as Lawrence waked up, he combined his fortune and his energy with others to create the New England Emigrant Aid Company to encourage abolitionists to emigrate to Kansas to ensure that it would be a free state.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Life in the White House by Robert P. Watson

Life in the White House: A Social History of the First Family and the President’s House by Robert P. Watson
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.1 Mb
Overview: This unique perspective on the White House, one of the most readily identifiable structures in the world, brings together the views of librarians, journalists, political advisers, attorneys, researchers, and professors. Filled with anecdotes, little-known facts, and scholarly analysis, the book shows how "The People’s House" has been shaped and molded both architecturally and philosophically by the different administrations over the past 200 years.

Erudite and entertaining, Life in the White House looks at the social history of the first family, the creation of the president’s home, and efforts by first families to carve out a space for the important business of family, while preserving the history of their famous residence. This public museum and private residence, which began as the result of a $500 Jefferson-era architectural design contest, now symbolizes one of the world’s great superpowers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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For Church and Confederacy by Robert Emmett Curran

For Church and Confederacy: The Lynches of South Carolina (Non Series) by Robert Emmett Curran
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 5.6 MB
Overview: For Church and Confederacy brings together a wealth of fascinating letters and other writings that unveil the lives of a prominent Southern Irish Catholic family during the late antebellum and Civil War years. Conlaw and Eleanor Lynch, hoping to restore the fortunes they had lost in their native country, settled in the South Carolina upcountry, where they imparted their ambitions to their children, several of whom would make exceptional marks in such areas as education, manufacturing, and religious life.
Most prominent of the second-generation Lynches was Patrick, the eldest, who became the third Roman Catholic bishop of Charleston and developed a national reputation as a polemicist, preacher, and self-taught geologist. During the Civil War he proved to be a major Confederate apologist, a role that led officials in Richmond to appoint him to be a special commissioner to the Papal States as part of an effort to secure European support for the Southern cause. Other family members, particularly Francis, whose tanneries in the Carolinas supplied shoes to thousands of soldiers, and Ellen (also known as Sister Baptista), whose Catholic academy in Columbia became a refuge for the children of prominent Southern families, also made valuable contributions to the Confederacy. For all of them, slaveholding was considered indispensable to acquiring and sustaining their position in Southern society. Their correspondence shows them to have been on the periphery of the political turmoil that led to disunion, but once the war erupted, they quickly became strong secessionists. By the war’s end most found themselves in the path of William T. Sherman’s avenging army and, as a consequence, suffered great losses, both material and human.
Featuring meticulous notes and commentary placing the Lynch siblings’ writings in historical context, this compelling portrait of the complex relationship among religion, slavery, and war has a sweep that carries the reader along as the war gradually overtakes the family’s privileged world and eventually brings it down.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Footbinding as Fashion by John Robert Shepherd

Footbinding as Fashion: Ethnicity, Labor, and Status in Traditional China by John Robert Shepherd
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 23.7 Mb
Overview: Previous studies of the practice of footbinding in imperial China have theorized that it expressed ethnic identity or that it served an economic function. By analyzing the popularity of footbinding in different places and times, Footbinding as Fashion investigates the claim that early Qing (1644-1911) attempts by Manchu rulers to ban footbinding made it a symbol of anti-Manchu sentiment and Han identity and led to the spread of the practice throughout all levels of society. Detailed case studies of Taiwan, Hebei, and Liaoning provinces exploit rich bodies of previously neglected ethnographic reports, economic surveys, and rare censuses of footbinding to challenge the significance of sedentary female labor and ethnic rivalries as factors leading to the hegemony of the footbinding fashion. The study concludes that, independently of identity politics and economic factors, variations in local status hierarchies and elite culture coupled with status competition and fear of ridicule for not binding girls’ feet best explain how a culturally arbitrary fashion such as footbinding could attain hegemonic status.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Nigger by Dick Gregory, Robert Lipsyte

Nigger: An Autobiography by Dick Gregory, Robert Lipsyte
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.1 MB
Overview: Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory’s million-copy-plus bestselling memoir-now in trade paperback for the first time.

"Powerful and ugly and beautiful.a moving story of a man who deeply wants a world without malice and hate and is doing something about it."-The New York Times

Fifty-five years ago, in 1964, an incredibly honest and revealing memoir by one of the America’s best-loved comedians and activists, Dick Gregory, was published. With a shocking title and breathtaking writing, Dick Gregory defined a genre and changed the way race was discussed in America.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs Autobiography

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