An Introduction to Tantra & Sacred Sexuality by Michael Mirdad

An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality by Michael Mirdad
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Overview: An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality offers insights into how to awaken and experience your sensual self, moment-by-moment. This book is exciting and enticing, as well as, powerful and healing. You do not have to be in a relationship to enjoy, explore, and apply sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality opens you to experiencing levels of ecstatic bliss and unconditional love and, most importantly, bringing these experiences into your daily life. Ultimately, it opens you to living bliss, not just feeling it. This ecstatic vibration translates into consistently feeling unconditional love for all people and things. Michael Mirdad wisely integrates both Tantric and Taoist perspectives and practices in the loving, passionate, and respectful framework of sacred sexuality.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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The Four Sacred Gifts by Anita L. Sanchez

The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times by Anita L. Sanchez
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Overview: Heal your past, discover your true purpose, and become a powerful source of inspiration and leadership with The Four Sacred Gifts, a collection of Aztec and global indigenous wisdom for modern life. During these times of great change, indigenous wisdom is needed now more than ever to live the fullest and healthiest lives possible. The Four Gifts offers an indigenous worldview based on the concept that we are all one relation, and we can all embrace and benefit from the Gift of Forgiving the Unforgiveable, the Gift of Unity, the Gift of Healing, and the Gift of Hope. These four powerful gifts will guide you to healing and transformation, supporting your journey to wholeness. By following the indigenous principles, lessons, and tools found in this book, we can all experience personal breakthroughs and conscious, societal evolution for humanity. Living in deeper harmony, all of us can thrive together for future generations.

Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential by Carolyn Myss
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 165 MB
Overview: On Sacred Contracts, Dr. Myss helps listeners take the next step in their personal evolutions, through the use of archetypes as tools for self-transformation. First identified by the legendary psychiatrist and author C.G. Jung, archetypes are symbols for unconscious energies and potentials held in common by all of humanity. Dr. Myss identifies a "tool box" of 12 major archetypal patterns, and explains their roles in the "alchemy of spirituality." Listeners join this respected medical intuitive as she explores how we can identify our personal archetypes, uncover their higher purpose, and then work with them for self-understanding and spiritual development.
Shared with her hallmark humor, honesty, and intelligence, Sacred Contracts is a welcome resource for fans of Dr. Myss everywhere. Original adaptation of the book by the author.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Sacred Swords by James Waterson

Sacred Swords: Jihad in the Holy Land, 1097-1291 by James Waterson
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Overview: In 1071 Muslim Turks crushed the Byzantine Emperor’s Anatolian army at Manzikert. The Crusades, the West’s response to this catastrophe, are well known as are the names of the European nobles who fought in them. The names and deeds of many of the Crusaders’ opponents in the Holy Land are often unfamiliar to Western readers.Using primarily Muslim sources, Sacred Swords reconstructs the politics of the Levant on the eve of the First Crusade and places it in the wider context of the Muslim world of the period. This was a realm where war with the Crusaders was only one part of the military and political endeavors of a Muslim prince of the Levant. Much of the action is comprehensible only when the outlook and position of the Princes is understood.Waterson tells the story of the famed leaders of the jihad – the lives and deeds of Zangi, Nur al-Din, Saladin and Baybars are all recounted. Sacred Swords also illustrates the evolution of the jihad in which these Princes were engaged. The story of the Holy War that would eventually destroy the Latin Kingdom is traced and analyzed from its origins among the Princes of northern Iraq, as is the long naval contest that raged between the navy of Egypt and the Crusader fleets.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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