Design and Analysis of Algorithms by Sandeep Sen

Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A Contemporary Perspective by Sandeep Sen, Amit Kumar
Requirements: .PDF reader, 4,3 MB
Overview: The text covers important algorithm design techniques, such as greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, and divide-and-conquer, and gives applications to contemporary problems. Techniques including Fast Fourier transform, KMP algorithm for string matching, CYK algorithm for context free parsing and gradient descent for convex function minimization are discussed in detail. The book’s emphasis is on computational models and their effect on algorithm design. It gives insights into algorithm design techniques in parallel, streaming and memory hierarchy computational models. The book also emphasizes the role of randomization in algorithm design, and gives numerous applications ranging from data-structures such as skip-lists to dimensionality reduction methods.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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Making of a CEO by Sandeep K. Krishnan (.M4B)

Making of a CEO by Sandeep K. Krishnan
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 141 MB
Overview: The Making of a CEO is the result of interviews and analysis of top-level CEOs across various sectors. The audiobook has it genesis in a popular course Krishnan taught at IIMB, where the students interviewed and analyzed 20 CEOs to learn how they charted a clear path to the top.
The audiobook explores nuances of leading in different contexts like start-ups, large corporations, family businesses, educational institutions, not-for-profits, public sector, and the government. The journey to the top involves three key aspects – building professional credibility, managing your career, and managing yourself.
Easy to listen to and dotted with insightful interviews, this audiobook is a must-hear for anyone who aspires to be in the top job or is already there.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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