Up to Speed by Steven Rosenbaum

Up to Speed: Secrets of Reducing Time to Proficiency by Steven Rosenbaum
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Overview: Up to Speed means reaching a desired level of performance. Every minute employees are less than 100% proficient in their jobs has a direct and significant financial impact. Getting up to speed in weeks, months or years sooner is the focus of this book. This book is the story of applying the Learning Paths Methodology over the past fifteen years to reduce time to proficiency significantly for hundreds of jobs across most major industries.

The story starts after the publishing of the book, Learning Paths: Increase Profits by Reducing the Time It Takes to Get Employees Up to speed. The Learning Paths book is still a valuable resource for tools, forms, and great ideas.

Up to Speed is based on three key principles about how people really learn. First, learning is a process, not an event. Second, knowing and doing are not the same in fact they are very, very different. Third, training should be by design not by accident. The Learning Path Methodology treats learning as a process and then takes steps to reduce time, waste and variability by applying the best of process improvement, accelerated learning and change management techniques
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Speed Reading Made Easy by David Butler

Speed Reading Made Easy: With Exclusive Phrase-Formatted Practice Exercises by David Butler
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.0 MB
.by reading whole ideas at a time.
Forget those exercises to widen your "eye-span" to see more words at a time, because no eye exercises are going to help you read faster unless you can process information faster.
That’s what this book will do, by showing you how to think in whole phrases.
The special phrase-formatting in this book will make it easy to focus your attention on larger and more meaningful chunks of information, and make it easy for you to read whole ideas at a time.
Enjoy these fun and easy-to-read exercises, specifically chosen to make it easy for you to push your speed to new levels. Practice reading complete phrases and start seeing text as a stream of ideas, rather than just words and sounds.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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100 One-Minute Speed Reading Drills by David Butler

100 One-Minute Speed Reading Drills: Read an Exercise in 60 Seconds, and You’re Speed Reading! by David Butler
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 953 KB
Overview: 600 words in 60 seconds = Speed Reading
One-Minute exercises mean you’ll always have time to do them.
Phrase-highlighting makes it easier to read and understand faster.
Each specially formatted exercise is exactly 600 words long.
Finish in one minute, and you’re speed reading (600 wpm).
Not the usual methods of merely trying to see words faster.
Learn how to read faster – by comprehending faster!
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Cars at Speed by Robert Daley

Cars at Speed – Grand Prix’s Golden Age by Robert Daley
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 321 KB
Overview: Grand Prix racing on public roads: trees, walls, fences, houses. Racing in the 50’s and 60’s bore little resemblance to what is done today, some say no resemblance. The circuits, Spa, Monza, Nurburgring were deadly dangerous, and the racing was deadly dangerous. The driver who went off the road, and many did go off the road, most likely paid a heavy price. So did many spectators. It was a time of heroes, of drivers larger than life: of the Englishmen Moss, Collins, Hawthorn, Graham Hill, who for a few years seemed to take over the sport; of the flamboyant Marquis de Portago of Spain and the nervous German, Count Von Trips; of Musso, Ascari and Castellotti, each one the pride of Italy, all of them dead at the wheel; of Phil Hill, the quiet, some said sullen, American who became world champion.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Speed Reading by Matthew Wickers

Speed Reading: Robot Reading: How To Master Your Attention And Focus, Triple Your Reading Speed, Remember More, Learn Faster And Get more Done In Less Time by Matthew Wickers
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.2 MB
Overview: Read a book in 30 minutes to two hours with full comprehension!
What if you had the ability to triple your reading speed, accelerate your learning, memorize more in less time, Stay focused, ignore distractions and interruptions whenever you needed to, be more productive and achieve more success?
In Robot Reading that’s exactly what you’ll get
The average person reads about 200 words a minute with a 60% comprehension rate. That effectively means they’re only reading 120 words every minute. At this rate it would take an average SIX SOLID HOURS to read a small 200 page book.
In this fast paced world "Time is Money". Speed reading skills, increased comprehension, and the ability to recall what you’ve read can be invaluable!
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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