Coding 1, 2, 3 (Starting with STEAM) by Janet Slingerland

Coding 1, 2, 3 by Janet Slingerland (Starting with STEAM)
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.9 MB
Overview: How does a computer know what to do? In this STEAM based title, learn about code and the process coders use to program computers. This title supports NGSS for Waves and their Applications in Technologies For Information Transfer.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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Power from Steam A History the Stationary by Richard L. Hills

Power from Steam: A History of the Stationary Steam Engine by Richard L. Hills
Requirements: .PDF reader, 53.3 MB
Overview: This comprehensive history of the steam engine follows the development of reciprocating steam engines, from their earliest forms until the beginning of the twentieth century, when they were replaced by steam turbines.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Raising Steam (Discworld #40) by Terry Pratchett (.M4B)

Raising Steam (Discworld #40) by Terry Pratchett
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 350 MB
Overview: To the consternation of the patrician, Lord Vetinari, a new invention has arrived in Ankh-Morpork – a great clanging monster of a machine that harnesses the power of all of the elements: earth, air, fire and water. This being Ankh-Morpork, it’s soon drawing astonished crowds, some of whom caught the zeitgeist early and arrive armed with notepads and very sensible rainwear.

Moist von Lipwig is not a man who enjoys hard work – as master of the Post Office, the Mint and the Royal Bank his input is, of course, vital…but largely dependent on words, which are fortunately not very heavy and don’t always need greasing. However, he does enjoy being alive, which makes a new job offer from Vetinari hard to refuse….

Steam is rising over Discworld, driven by Mister Simnel, the man wi’ t’flat cap and sliding rule who has an interesting arrangement with the sine and cosine. Moist will have to grapple with gallons of grease, goblins, a fat controller with a history of throwing employees down the stairs and some very angry dwarfs if he’s going to stop it all going off the rails….
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Fantasy

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Coal, Steam and Ships: Engineering, Enterprise and Empire on the Nineteenth-Century Seas

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Southern Steam: January – July 1967 by Alan J. Goodwin

Southern Steam: January – July 1967 : Countdown to Extinction by Alan J. Goodwin
Necessities: .PDF reader, 108 MB
Overview: At the start of 1967 the writing was clearly on the wall for Southern Steam, with the intention of eliminating it altogether on the 18th June of that yr. From the 2nd January, with the Brush kind 4s working many essential line trains together with the "Bournemouth Belle", steam was diminished to 13 departures from Waterloo, three of which had been within the early hours.

From the third April this was additional diminished to only 5 day and three night time time departures. Nonetheless, by this time it was realized that as a consequence of late supply of the brand new electrical inventory, the deadline for the demise of steam was put again to the ninth July and an interim timetable launched from 12th June.

Utilizing data gathered from many sources, "Countdown to Extinction" chronicles the occasions of 1967, with the ultimate 5 weeks intimately, together with occasions that shaped the background to the time.
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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STEAM Jobs in Space Exploration by Ray Reyes

STEAM Jobs in Space Exploration (STEAM Jobs You’ll Love) by Ray Reyes
Requirements: ePUB Reader 9 MB
Overview: Introduces readers to careers in space exploration by exploring and connecting the opportunities to the study of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Gives an overview of various jobs related to space exploration and points out how each position relates to STEAM subjects.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Education

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Industrial Steam Systems: Fundamentals And Best Design …

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Raising Steam: The Discworld Series, Book 40 By Terry Pratchett [Audiobook]

Cover Image:

Publisher’s Summary

The new Discworld novel, the 40th in the series, sees the Disc’s first train come steaming into town.

Change is afoot in Ankh-Morpork. Discworld’s first steam engine has arrived, and once again Moist von Lipwig finds himself with a new and challenging job.

BitRate: 95 kbps

File Format: .Mp3

File Size: 502 MB