The Religious Nile by Terje Oestigaard

The Religious Nile: Water, Ritual and Society Since Ancient Egypt by Terje Oestigaard
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Overview: The Nile is arguably the most famous river in the world. For millennia, the search for its source defeated emperors and explorers. Yet the search for its source also contained a religious quest – a search for the origin of its divine and life-giving waters. Terje Oestigaard reveals how the beliefs associated with the river have played a key role in the cultural development and make-up of the societies and civilizations associated with it. Drawing upon his personal experience and fieldwork in Africa, including details of rites and ceremonies now fast disappearing, the author brings out in rich detail the religious and spiritual meanings attached to the life-giving waters by those whose lives are so bound to the river. Part religious quest, part exploration narrative, the author shows how this mighty river is a powerful source for a greater understanding of human nature, society and religion.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Risk Analysis by Terje Aven

Risk Analysis, 2nd Edition by Terje Aven
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Overview: Terje Aven, University of Stavanger, Norway
A practical guide to the varied challenges presented in the ever-growing field of risk analysis.

Risk Analysis presents an accessible and concise guide to performing risk analysis, in a wide variety of field, with minimal prior knowledge required. Forming an ideal companion volume to Aven’s previous Wiley text Foundations of Risk Analysis, it provides clear recommendations and guidance in the planning, execution anduse of risk analysis.

This new edition presents recent developments related to risk conceptualization, focusing on related issues on risk assessment and their application. New examples are also featured to clarify the reader’s understanding in the application of risk analysis and the risk analysis process.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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