The Theology of the United Church of Canada by Don Schweitzer

The Theology of the United Church of Canada by Don Schweitzer, Robert C. Fennell, Michael Bourgeois
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Overview: The United Church of Canada has a rich and complex history of theological development. This volume, written for the general reader as well as students and scholars, provides a comprehensive overview of that development, together with an analysis of this unique denomination’s core statements of faith and its contemporary theological landscape. When the Methodist, Congregational, and Local Union Churches in Canada, as well as most of the Presbyterians, came together as The United Church of Canada, the theological commonalities between them were significant. Over the succeeding decades, this made-in-Canada denomination has continued to define its convictions through consensus-building and large-scale studies. This volume, written by leading scholars, outlines key faith perspectives in areas such as creation, the Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, sin, mission, and sacraments. No book like this has appeared in over seventy years, and readers will find insight here that is unparalleled in its scope. In creative tension with each individual member’s freedom of conscience, the United Church as a whole has continued to express its commonly held faith in dialogue, continuity, and critical interaction with the faith of the worldwide, historic Christian community.
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The Muslim Theology of Huzn by Mahshid Turner

The Muslim Theology of Huzn: Sorrow Unravelled by Mahshid Turner
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Overview: The subject of sorrow (huzn) and how it should be treated is a subject as old as mankind itself. Considered for the most part as something negative, which should be somehow avoided or remedied completely, the real meaning and purpose of its existence have never been explained satisfactorily. The Qur’an, however, claims that nothing is created purposelessly, which implies that sorrow also has its uses. With the aim of unravelling the mystery of its existence, this ground-breaking study aims to tell the story of sorrow in the Qur’an from a Muslim scholarly perspective, with particular emphasis on the theology of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.
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Foucault, Art, and Radical Theology by Petra Carlsson Redell

Foucault, Art, and Radical Theology: The Mystery of Things by Petra Carlsson Redell
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Overview: Michel Foucault wrote prolifically on many topics including, art, religion, and politics. He also eloquently articulated how power structures are formed and how they also might assist resistance and emancipation. This book uses the hermeneutical lens of Foucault’s writings on art to examine the performative, material, and political aspects of contemporary theology.

The borderland between philosophy, theology, and art is explored through Foucault’s analyses of artists such as Diego Velázquez, Édouard Manet, René Magritte, Paul Rebeyrolle, and Gerard Fromanger. Here special focus is placed on performativity and materiality-or what the book terms the mystery of things. At successive junctures, the book discovers a postrepresentational critique of transcendence; an enigmatic material sacramentality; playful theopolitical accounts of the transformative force of stupidity and nonsense; and political imagery in motion enabling theological interpretations of contemporary collectives such as Pussy Riot and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. In conversation with contemporary thinkers including Catherine Keller, Louise-Marie Chauvet, John Caputo, Daniel Barber, Mark C. Taylor, Jeffrey W. Robbins, and Mattias Martinson, the book outlines this source of inspiration for contemporary radical theology.

This is a book with a fresh and original take on Foucault, art, and theology. As such, it will have great appeal to scholars and academics in theology, religion and the arts, the philosophy of religion, political philosophy, and aesthetics.
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Diverse Voices in Moral Theology by Charles E. Curran

Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology by Charles E. Curran
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Overview: In Charles E. Curran’s latest book, Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology, he presents the diverse voices of US Catholic moral theologians from the mid-twentieth century to the present. The book discusses eleven key individuals in the development and evolution of moral theology as well as the New Wine, New Wineskins movement. This diversity, which differs from the monolithic understanding of moral theology that prevailed until recently, comes from the diverse historical circumstances or Sitz im Leben of the authors. Each of these theologians developed her or his approach in light of these circumstances and in response to shifts in the three audiences of moral theology ― the Church, the academy, and the broader society.

By exploring this diversity, Curran recognizes the deep divisions that exist within Catholic moral theology between the so-called "liberal" and "conservative" approaches and acknowledges the need for greater dialogue between them, providing a deeper understanding of the methods and approaches of these significant figures.

This new book from a major figure in the field will be an important resource for students and scholars of US Catholic moral theology and for anyone seeking to understand the current state of moral theology in America today.
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Christian Theology: An Introduction by Alister E. McGrath

Christian Theology: An Introduction by Alister E. McGrath (6th Edition)
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Overview: Christian Theology: An Introduction, one of the most internationally-acclaimed Christian theology textbooks in use, has been completely rewritten for the 6th edition. It now features new and extended material and companion resources, ensuring it retains its reputation as the ideal introduction for students.

A new edition of the bestselling Christian theology textbook to celebrate its 25th anniversary
Rewritten throughout for exceptional clarity and accessibility, and adds substantial new material on the Holy Spirit
Features increased coverage of postcolonial theology, and feminist theology, and prodigious development of world theology
Increases the focus on contemporary theology to complement the excellent coverage of historical material
A new 2-color design includes more pedagogical features including textboxes and sidebars to aid learning
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Theology and the Scientific Imagination by Amos Funkenstein

Theology and the Scientific Imagination: From the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century by Amos Funkenstein
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Overview: Theology and the Scientific Imagination is a pioneering work of intellectual history that transformed our understanding of the relationship between Christian theology and the development of science. Distinguished scholar Amos Funkenstein explores the metaphysical foundations of modern science and shows how, by the 1600s, theological and scientific thinking had become almost one. Major figures like Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, and others developed an unprecedented secular theology whose debt to medieval and scholastic thought shaped the trajectory of the scientific revolution. The book ends with Funkenstein’s influential analysis of the seventeenth century’s "unprecedented fusion" of scientific and religious language. Featuring a new foreword, Theology and the Scientific Imagination is a pathbreaking and classic work that remains a fundamental resource for historians and philosophers of science.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy > Medieval Thought Philosophy

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Homiletical Theology of Promise by David Schnasa Jacobsen

Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promise (The Promise of Homiletical Theology) by David Schnasa Jacobsen
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Overview: Promise has a long pedigree in the history of Christian understandings of the gospel. This volume gathers together leading homileticians to consider the breadth of its understanding today in light of the struggle to reconcile God’s grace with God’s justice. Assuming that promise is a core sense of the gospel, how does this relate to the variety of contexts in which homiletical theology is done? In this final volume in the series, six homileticians from a variety of contexts and perspectives try to move specifically toward a homiletical theology of promise as a way to articulate the central theological gift and task that is preaching the gospel today. ""Each chapter of this compelling book teaches a vital aspect of the promissory nature of preaching: as a lure to new forms of human dwelling and action, as a unique way of liturgically embodying eschatology, as a key to homiletical genre, as God’s unique way of acting and speaking in sermons, and as the way preaching becomes provisional good news in difficult situations. Highly recommended for all serious students of preaching."" –John S. McClure, Vanderbilt Divinity School ""Continuing the ‘turn to theology’ in contemporary homiletics, this thoughtful and wide-ranging collection of essays explores preaching as a theological expression of divine promise that embodies and empowers our human response. Jacobsen is to be congratulated for bringing this important project to completion."" –Michael P. Knowles, McMaster Divinity College ""These final six essays of the Promise of Homiletical Theology series proceed from the central conviction that any hope worth preaching proceeds from the world-transforming, justice-making promises of the God revealed in Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord of God’s new creation. Strikingly varied in their methodological approaches and rich in theological creativity, these writers urge hope-fueled preaching that is healing and prophetic, poetic and theologically discerning, accompanied by locally embodied, diverse, and hope-infused practices of worship and witness."" –Sally A. Brown, Princeton Theological Seminary David Schnasa Jacobsen is Professor of the Practice of Homiletics and Director of the Homiletical Theology Project at Boston University School of Theology. His books include Preaching in the New Creation, Preaching Luke-Acts, Kairos Preaching: Speaking Gospel to the Situation, and Mark.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Theology of Marriage by Cormac Burke

The Theology of Marriage: Personalism, Doctrine and Canon Law by Cormac Burke
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Overview: In The Theology of Marriage Cormac Burke has put together a collection of his most innovative theological theses and analyses, offering original insights and analyses that could help in resolving many current debates on the theology of marriage. At the same time his view goes beyond these debates. His writings are marked by an extremely positive view of sexuality and marriage. Ultimately he insists on the matrimonial vocation as a call to holiness; and delineates the particular graces married couples receive and the challenges they must face.

A former civil lawyer, a teacher of moral theology, and a specialist in marriage, Burke found himself unexpectedly called in 1986 to be a judge of the Roman Rota, the High Court of the Church. He began his work there precisely at a moment when theologians and canonists alike found themselves grappling with interpreting and finding the practical application of new magisterial teachings on matrimony – teachings that seemed to some to represent an almost total rupture with tradition.

Central and particularly controversial issues were the new definition of marriage itself and of its ends, the "personalist" way of expressing the nature of marital consent; and, not least, the concept of the bonum coniugum, "the good of the spouse", as a co-principal end of marriage.

Msgr. Burke, well attuned to John Paul II’s personalist theology of marriage, sensed the need to seek the roots of these apparently new concepts in the Bible, in Tradition, and particularly in St. Augustine (in whom, despite many modern impressions to the contrary, he sees the first defender of the goodness of the marital covenant). The result over the past twenty five years has been an impressive body of work in theological as well as canonical reviews.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Paul Ricoeur Between Theology and Philosophy by Boyd Blundell

Paul Ricoeur Between Theology and Philosophy: Detour and Return by Boyd Blundell
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Overview: Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) remains one of philosophy of religion’s most distinctive voices. Ricoeur was a philosopher first, and while his religious reflections are very relevant to theology, Boyd Blundell argues that his philosophy is even more relevant. Using Ricoeur’s own philosophical hermeneutics, Blundell shows that there is a way for explicitly Christian theology to maintain both its integrity and overall relevance. He demonstrates how the dominant pattern of detour and return found throughout Ricoeur’s work provides a path to understanding the relationship between philosophy and theology. By putting Ricoeur in dialogue with current, fundamental, and longstanding debates about the role of philosophy in theology, Blundell offers a hermeneutically sensitive engagement with Ricoeur’s thought from a theological perspective.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Expressing Theology by Jonathan Roach

Expressing Theology: A Guide to Writing Theology that Readers Want to Read by Jonathan Roach
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Overview: Have you ever picked up a volume of theology, read the first page, and decided you would rather scrub the bathroom floor than read another page? Theology does not need to be abstract, dull, boring, tedious, dense, inconsequential, trivial, remote, immaterial, or unimportant. Theology should not leave readers feeling bewildered and lost. Expressing Theology challenges writers of theology to craft engaging, compelling, and beautiful prose that grabs readers’ attention and makes reading a pleasure. Expressing Theology provides writers of theology-academics, aspiring, and published-with perspectives and writing techniques to write theology that readers want to read.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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A Theology of Failure by means of Marika Rose

A Theology of Failure: Žižek Against Christian Innocence by means of Marika Rose
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Overview: Everyone has the same opinion that theology has failed; however the query of perceive and reply to this failure is complicated and contested. Against each the unconventional orthodox strive to go back to a time earlier than the theology’s failure and the deconstructive theological try to open theology as much as the hope of a long term past failure, Rose proposes an account of Christian id as constituted by means of, no longer regardless of, failure. Understanding failure as central to theology opens up new chances for confronting Christianity’s violent and kyriarchal historical past and leaving behind the try to find a natural Christ outdoor of the gruesome materiality of the church.

The Christian mystical custom starts with Dionysius the Areopagite’s uncomfortable however productive conjunction of Christian theology and Neoplatonism. The tensions generated by means of this are central to Dionysius’s legacy, visual no longer best in next theological idea but additionally in a lot 20th century continental philosophy because it seeks to disentangle itself from its Christian ancestry. A Theology of Failure presentations how the paintings of Slavoj Žižek represents an try to repeat the unique transfer of Christian mystical theology, bringing in combination the subjects of language, need, and transcendence no longer with Neoplatonism however with a materialist account of the sector. Tracing those topics throughout the paintings of Dionysius and Derrida and thru fresh debates in regards to the reward, violence, and revolution, this e book provides a important theological engagement with Žižek’s account of social and political transformation, appearing how Žižek’s paintings makes conceivable a materialist studying of apophatic theology and Christian id.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Theology of the Book of Revelation via Richard Bauckham

The Theology of the Book of Revelation (New Testament Theology) via Richard Bauckham
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Overview: The Book of Revelation is a piece of profound theology. But its literary shape makes it impenetrable to many fashionable readers and open to a wide variety of misinterpretations. Richard Bauckham explains how the e book’s imagery conveyed that means in its authentic context and the way the e book’s theology is inseparable from its literary construction and composition. Revelation is observed to provide now not an esoteric and encoded forecast of ancient occasions however slightly a theocentric imaginative and prescient of the approaching of God’s common kingdom, contextualised within the overdue first-century international ruled via Roman energy and beliefs. It calls on Christians to confront the political idolatries of the time and to take part in God’s function of collecting the entire international locations into his kingdom. Once Revelation is correctly grounded in its authentic context it’s observed to go beyond that context and phone the fresh church. This learn about concludes via highlighting Revelation’s proceeding relevance for as of late.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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New Testament Theology

New Testament Theology
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Radical Theology via Ingolf U Dalferth

Radical Theology: An Essay on Faith and Theology within the Twenty-First Century via Ingolf U Dalferth
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Overview: Ingolf U. Dalferth develops a "radical theology- that unfolds the orienting energy of religion for human lifestyles from the development of God’s presence to each and every provide. In a concise and transparent approach, Dalferth outlines the theological and philosophical approaches to hermeneutics within the fashionable generation, as a way to advertise a powerful and defensible theology for the twenty-first century, severely sporting on Martin Heidegger and Rudolf Bultmann, with out forgetting Karl Barth. The results of his reconstruction is a "radical theology" that neither glorifies premodern theology in an antimodern perspective nor seeks a paranormal deepening of the secular, however argues for an intensive alternate in theological standpoint of the imaginable. In doing so, theology unfolds "prohibit ideas" that prohibit the claims of science and philosophy severely, and develops "concepts of orientation" that illumine the tactics wherein human lifestyles is known and lived in radically new tactics in religion. From right here, Dalferth unfolds the truth of revelation and the Christian sense of an unconditional hope that essentially transcends all ideals according to mundane realities and orients the sector on one thing past its personal temporal horizon-its loving Creator.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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