High Time by Andrew Potter

High Time: The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada by Andrew Potter, Daniel Weinstock
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Overview: Canada will become the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, and the world is watching. The primary concern facing the Liberal government as it seeks to fulfill its 2015 campaign promise to "legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana" is whether it can be done without making thesituation worse. As the Liberal platform pointed out, the current regime lets illegal cannabis fall into the hands of minors, pours large profits into organized crime, and traps many people in the criminal justice system for what is arguably a victimless crime.
While the legalization of marijuana in Canada begins with a straightforward change of the criminal code, its ramifications go far beyond this. Legalization will have a serious impact on the country’s international treaty commitments, interprovincial relations, taxation and regulatory regimes, and social and health policies. The essays in this book address these outcomes from three main perspectives: the decades-long political path to legalization; the assumptions that underwrite the new policy, in particular the desire to stamp out the black market; and how legalization in Canada looks in an international context. Bringing together analysis by policy makers and scholars, including the architect of marijuana legislation in Portugal – a trailblazing jurisdiction – High Time provides an urgent and necessary overview of Canada’s Cannabis Act.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

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A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time by Diana Preston+

A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time: The Story of the Taj Mahal by Diana Preston, Michael Preston
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Overview: In 1631, the heartbroken Moghul Emperor, Shah Jahan, ordered the construction of a monument of unsurpassed splendour and majesty in memory of his beloved wife. Theirs was an extraordinary story of passionate love: although almost constantly pregnant – she bore him fourteen children – Mumtaz Mahal followed her husband on every military campaign, in order that they might never be apart. But then Mumtaz died in childbirth. Blinded by grief, Shah Jahan created an exquisite and extravagant memorial for her on the banks of the river Jumna. A gleaming mausoleum of flawless symmetry, the Taj Mahal was built from milk-white marble and rose sandstone, and studded with a fortune in precious jewels. It took twenty years to complete and involved over 20,000 labourers, depleting the Moghul treasuries. But Shah Jahan was to pay a greater price for his obsession. He ended his days imprisoned by his own son in Agra Fort, gazing across the river at the monument to his love. The building of the Taj Mahal had set brother against brother and son against father in a savage conflict that pushed the seventeenth century’s most powerful empire into irreversible decline.
The story behind the Taj Mahal has the cadences of Greek tragedy, the carnage of a Jacobean revenge play and the ripe emotion of grand opera. With the storytelling skills that characterize their previous books, in this compelling narrative history Diana and Michael Preston succeed in putting a revealing human face on the famous marble masterpiece.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Time USA – March 11, 2019

Time USA – March 11, 2019
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Overview: TIME’s signature voice and trusted content make it one of the most recognized news brands in the world. Offering incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography, TIME has been credited with bringing journalism at its best into the fabric of American life. Every issue delivers a deeper understanding of the world we live in.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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Freud on Time and Timelessness by Kelly Noel-Smith

Freud on Time and Timelessness by Kelly Noel-Smith
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Overview: Time and timelessness are fundamental principles of psychoanalysis yet Freud does not present a consolidated theory of temporality. In this book Kelly Noel-Smith pieces together Freud’s scattered ‘hints’ and ‘suspicions’ about time and its negative, timelessness. She traces a careful temporal trail through Freud s published works and his daunting "Nachlass," and provides a compelling reason as to why Freud kept his remarkable thoughts about time to himself. "
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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First Lesbian Love: Lesbian First Time Sex by Jenika Lovey

First Lesbian Love: Lesbian First Time Sex by Jenika Lovey
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Overview: Unsure how to turn her growing lesbian fantasies into reality, a shy college girl decides to use the Internet to see if she can meet an older woman. Picking a likely candidate from the contacts section of a dating website, she gets a reply to her message. The chat room and cam messages that follow finally lead to a real-life meeting where the young woman finds that reality of lesbian sex is so much better than dreams.

WARNING: This is a lesbian first time short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of 18 and the story contains sex scenes.

©2014 Jenika Lovey (P)2018 Jenika Lovey
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Erotica

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