Time of Transitions by Jürgen (Jurgen) Habermas

Time of Transitions by Jürgen (Jurgen) Habermas
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Overview: We live in a time of turbulent change when many of the frameworks that have characterized our societies over the last few centuries – such as the international order of sovereign nation-states – are being called into question. In this new volume of essays and interviews, Habermas focuses his attention on these processes of change and provides some of the resources needed to understand them.

What kind of international order should we seek to create in our contemporary global age? How should we understand the political project of Europe and how can the democratic deficit of the EU be overcome? How should we understand the relation between democracy as popular sovereignty, which has become the defining principle of political legitimacy in the modern world, and the idea of basic human rights embodied in the rule of law?
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A Writer of Our Time by Joshua Sperling

A Writer of Our Time: The Life and Work of John Berger by Joshua Sperling
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Overview: The first intellectual biography of the life and work of John Berger
John Berger was one of the most influential thinkers and writers of postwar Europe. As a novelist, he won the Booker prize in 1972, donating half his prize money to the Black Panthers. As a TV presenter, he changed the way we looked at art with Ways of Seeing. As a storyteller and political activist, he defended the rights and dignity of workers, migrants, and the oppressed around the world. “Far from dragging politics into art,” he wrote in 1953, “art has dragged me into politics.” He remained a revolutionary up to his death in January 2017.

Built around a series of watersheds, at once personal and historical, A Writer of Our Time traces Berger’s development from his roots as a postwar art student and polemicist in the Cold War battles of 1950s London, through the heady days of the 1960s-when the revolutions were not only political but sexual and artistic-to Berger’s reinvention as a rural storyteller and the long hangover that followed the rise and fall of the New Left.
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Super Snack Time Recipes by Thomas Kelly

Super Snack Time Recipes: Your #1 Cookbook of Quick Healthy Munchies! by Thomas Kelly
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Overview: Do you and your family love snacks? Sure, everyone does! But it can be rather expensive to purchase popular snacks, and they’re not usually very healthy.
Can you use your own favorite ingredients to sleuth for recipes, so you can make them yourself? Sure! But you won’t have to search far. You’ll find lots of great snack recipes here in this cookbook.

From sweet and sugary-tasting to savory and salty snacks, I have you covered. The recipes in this cookbook are delicious and satisfying.
And these aren’t processed snacks, either, since you make them yourself! They’re not really “junk food” anymore.

Try these easy, made-from scratch recipes. Homemade snacks are not that difficult to make, and you won’t be giving your family additives and preservatives, like store-bought snacks do. You can take back control of your food from snack companies who don’t CARE what their products are made from.
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Time and Power: Visions of History in German Politics, from the Thirty Years’ War to the Third Reich (The Lawrence Stone Lectures)

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