My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, Descent into Darkness by means of Howard Jones

My Lai: Vietnam, 1968, and the Descent Into Darkness by means of Howard Jones
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Overview: On the early morning of March 16, 1968, American infantrymen from 3 platoons of Charlie Company (1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division), entered a bunch of hamlets situated within the Son Tinh district of South Vietnam, situated close to the Demilitarized Zone and referred to as "Pinkville" as a result of the top degree of Vietcong infiltration. The infantrymen, many nonetheless youngsters who were within the nation for 3 months, have been on a "seek and smash" undertaking. The Tet Offensive had came about handiest weeks previous and in the similar house and had made them jittery; so had mounting losses from booby traps and a reputedly invisible enemy. Three hours after the GIs entered the hamlets, greater than 5 hundred unarmed villagers lay lifeless, killed in chilly blood. The atrocity took its identify from one of the vital hamlets, recognized by means of the Americans as My Lai 4.
Military government tried to suppress the scoop of My Lai, till some who were there, particularly a helicopter pilot named Hugh Thompson and a door gunner named Lawrence Colburn, spoke up about what they’d observed. The professional line was once that the villagers were killed by means of artillery and gunship fireplace slightly than by means of small fingers. That line quickly started to fray. Lieutenant William Calley, one of the vital platoon leaders, admitted to capturing the villagers however insisted that he had acted upon orders. An exposé of the bloodbath and cover-up by means of journalist Seymour Hersh, adopted by means of graphic pictures, incited world outrage, and Congressional and U.S. Army inquiries started. Calley and just about thirty different officials have been charged with warfare crimes, regardless that Calley on my own was once convicted and would serve 3 and a part years below area arrest ahead of being paroled in 1974.
My Lai polarized American sentiment. Many noticed Calley as a scapegoat, the sufferer of a doomed technique in an unwinnable warfare. Others noticed a warfare legal. President Nixon was once poised to provide a presidential pardon. The atrocity intensified opposition to the warfare, devastating any pretense of American ethical superiority. Its impact on army morale and coverage was once profound and enduring. The Army applied reforms and started implementing adherence to the Hague and Geneva conventions. Before launching an offensive all through Desert Storm in 1991, one normal warned his brigade commanders, "No My Lais on this division–do you pay attention me?"
Compelling, complete, and haunting, according to each exhaustive archival analysis and in depth interviews, Howard Jones’s My Lai will stand because the definitive e book on one of the vital devastating occasions in American army historical past.
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Vietnam War: Biographies by way of Kevin Hillstrom

Vietnam War: Biographies by way of Kevin Hillstrom
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Overview: Presents biographical profiles of sixty women and men from the United States and Vietnam who participated in or have been suffering from the Vietnam War, organized alphabetically, with sidebars, cross-references, images, time traces, and cumulative matter indexes.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Biographies

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Oi Vietnam – March 2019

Oi Vietnam – March 2019
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Overview: Oi, Ho Chi Minh City’s city lifestyle magazine, delivers passionate, creative and complete coverage of the city and beyond. Through in-depth features, community involvement, extensive dining, travel and arts coverage and comprehensive listings, Oi gives its readers defined and diverse sections to explore the city in which they live.
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Abandoning Vietnam by James H. Willbanks

Abandoning Vietnam: How America Left and South Vietnam Lost Its War by James H. Willbanks
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Overview: Did America’s departure from Vietnam produce the "peace with honor" promised by President Richard Nixon or was that simply an empty wish meant to distract war-weary Americans from a tragic "defeat with shame"? While James Willbanks doesn’t offer any easy answers to that question, his book convincingly shows why America’s strategy for exiting the Vietnam War failed miserably and left South Vietnam to a dismal fate.
That strategy, "Vietnamization," was designed to transfer full responsibility for the defense of South Vietnam to the South Vietnamese, but in a way that would buy the United States enough time to get out without appearing to run away. To achieve this goal, America poured millions of dollars into training and equipping the South Vietnamese military while attempting to pacify the countryside. Precisely how this strategy was implemented and why it failed so completely are the subjects of this eye-opening study
Drawing upon both archival research and his own military experiences in Vietnam, Willbanks focuses on military operationsfrom 1969 through 1975. He begins by analyzing the events that led to a change in U.S. strategy in 1969 and the subsequent initiation of Vietnamization. He then critiques the implementation of that policy and the combat performance of the South Vietnamese army (ARVN), which finally collapsed in 1975.
Willbanks contends that Vietnamization was a potentially viable plan that was begun years too late. Nevertheless some progress was made and the South Vietnamese, with the aid of U.S. advisers and American airpower, held off the North Vietnamese during their massive offensive in 1972. However, the Paris Peace Accords, which left NVA troops in the south, and the subsequent loss of U.S. military aid negated any gains produced through Vietnamization. These factors coupled with corruption throughout President Thieu’s government and a glaring lack of senior military leadership within the South Vietnamese armed forces ultimately led to the demise of South Vietnam.
A mere two years after the last American combat troops had departed, North Vietnamese tanks rolled into Saigon, overwhelming a poorly trained, disastrously led, and corrupt South Vietnamese military. But those two years had provided Nixon with the "decent interval" he desperately needed to proclaim that "peace with honor" had been achieved. Willbanks digs beneath that illusion to reveal the real story of South Vietnam’s fall.
Genre: Non-Fiction – History

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Vietnam 2014 by Derek Sivers

Vietnam 2014: New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in Vietnam by Derek Sivers
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Overview: Though a Communist country, which to many says "closed," Vietnam is actually quite open to foreign investors. As a whole, Vietnam has seen quite a lot of growth in recent years with the poverty rate falling from 58% to 14% since 1993, which is a good sign for anybody wanting to do business there.
If you’ve been thinking about starting a business in Vietnam, the Wood Egg Vietnam startup guide will be your go-to reference manual.
Each year we hire 3 researchers (at least one local and one foreigner who live in Vietnam), a native English-speaking in-country writer, and an editor, to bring you insights from multiple perspectives.
Our researchers spend over 200 hours interviewing local business people, politicians, and citizens who regular foreigners would never have access to. This is 200+ hours you will save to hit the ground running. (Bonus: When you register your eBook at you get access to all of our raw research and interviews.)
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The Martial Arts of Vietnam by Augustus John Roe

The Martial Arts of Vietnam: An overview of the history and styles by Augustus John Roe
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Overview: The Martial Arts Of Vietnam is the first English Language book to look in detail at the systems, styles and histories of Vietnamese martial arts and their related practices.
Written as a culmination of many years research and practice of traditional Vietnamese martial arts by author Augustus Roe, The Martial Arts of Vietnam has been informed directly by first hand sources. Interviews with masters, students and academic research have all been drawn upon to provide the most detailed and up-to-date work written on the history, culture and martial arts practices of Vietnam.
The Martial Arts of Vietnam features around one hundred original images taken on location, as well as maps and timelines detailing important historical events and points of interest, a listing of the martial arts schools and styles discussed in the book, and a glossary of important Vietnamese terms for readers to refer to.
Genre: Non-Fiction – History

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