Android Dreams by Toby Walsh

Android Dreams: The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence by Toby Walsh
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.7 Mb
Overview: The development of thinking machines is an adventure as bold and ambitious as any that humans have attempted. And the truth is that Artificial Intelligence is already an indispensable part of our daily lives. Without it, Google wouldn’t have answers and your smartphone would just be a phone. But how will AI change society by 2050? Will it destroy jobs? Or even pose an existential threat? Android Dreams is a lively exploration of how AI will transform our societies, economies and selves. From robot criminals to cyber healthcare, and a sky full of empty planes
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Bill Walsh And Lem Moore – Video Alpha

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Treacherous by means of Chloe Walsh (.M4B)

Treacherous by means of Chloe Walsh (Carter Kids #1), Nelson Hobbs, Lulu Russell (Narrator)
Requirements: M4B Player, 305mb, 11 hrs 11 minutes
Overview: Teagan:

I sought after to move house. Moving to America don’t have been so unhealthy if it were not for the circle of relatives subsequent door, however on account of my so-called parent – and I used that time period calmly – we have been the newest circle of relatives to take in residency in Thirteenth Street, and I used to be the only real goal of the complain over the fence.

But, for me, existence was once so much to get so much worse. Noah Messina, Ellie’s step-brother, had determined to sign up for her torment-the-new-girl-until-she-cracks undertaking. There were a battle of their driveway final weekend between Noah and a few different tattooed douchebag that had stepped forward into our backyard, ensuing within the windshield of my automobile being smashed when Noah pummeled his opponent via it. Thinking again now I needed to admit that I type of overreacted after I stalked out of doors in not anything however a Coldplay T-shirt and a black thong and tossed a whole can of white gloss paint over the hood of Noah’s black Lexus in retaliation. I assume it had felt rattling just right to battle again as an alternative of permitting them to stroll far and wide me….

Destroying Noah’s automobile with paint was once like waving a purple rag in entrance of a bull. He misplaced it. Right there in my driveway, along with his T-shirt ripped from his frame and blood dripping from his eyebrow, Noah Messina had thrown the most important man-tantrum I’d ever noticed earlier than stating battle on me….


I used to be going to lose my shit over the girl-next-door. God, 3 months of getting her are living subsequent door to me and I nonetheless felt like slamming my head into the lawn wall – now worse than ever since she had challenged me.

The defiance in her eyes as she stared at me down earlier than bending over the hood of my child and emptying the can of paint was once one thing that struck a chord inside me. I’d by no means been so indignant or became on in my existence. Pure rage had flooded my veins, pushed on even additional when Teagan taunted me together with her potty mouth and yeah, I’d more or less misplaced it together with her. Problem was once I had an excellent uglier mood, and Friday night time Teagan Connolly ignited it like nobody had earlier than. When she slapped me and pressed her tight little frame in opposition to mine, taunting me with that sharp tongue of hers, I’d by no means been so with reference to hanging my palms on a girl in my existence. Except as an alternative of injuring her, I sought after to toss her attractive little ass at the hood of my automobile and take her proper there, no longer worrying who noticed us. The urge to be within her was once like not anything I’d ever felt in my existence….

Contains mature issues.
Genre: Audiobook, Fiction, Romance

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Tame through Chloe Walsh (.M4B)

Tame through Chloe Walsh (Carter Kids #3), Nelson Hobbs, Lulu Russell (Narrator)
Requirements: M4B Player, 246mb, nine hrs 24 minutes
Overview: Noah and Teagan are again!

Through jail sentences, misunderstandings, loss of life threats, and prison encounters, Teagan and Noah have in some way controlled to seek out their as far back as each and every different. Traveling the rustic in combination, partying it up in lodge rooms, and inflicting drama anyplace they pass, the fiery couple are utterly invested in making their fickle dating paintings this time round. But with Noah’s occupation going from power to power and catapulting him into the limelight, Teagan should learn to deal with her very long time love’s famous person standing and the numerous ladies striving for his affections – to not point out a backroom group hellbent on pushing her out.

Nothing has ever come simply for the couple, but little do they know that their hardest struggle is lurking proper across the nook….

Tame is the most recent installment of the Carter Kids Series from best-selling creator Chloe Walsh.

Contains mature subject matters.
Genre: Audiobook > Fiction > Romance

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Thorn through Chloe Walsh (.M4B)

Thorn through Chloe Walsh (Carter Kids #2), Nelson Hobbs, Lulu Russell (Narrator)
Requirements: M4B Player, 246mb, nine hrs three minutes
Overview: Noah and Teagan’s fragile dating by no means stood a possibility – now not with Noah’s meddling stepsister and Teagan’s overbearing uncle – to not point out Noah’s competitive ex, Reece, and the unstable felony gang out for the blood of either one of them.

Fast ahead to seven years later, and Noah, contemporary out of a jail mobile, has taken the sports activities international through typhoon. He’s the most productive. A fighter. The champ. Unattainable. Unbeatable. But none of that issues to Noah. All he needs is vindication and revenge at the lady who broke his middle and deserted him when he wanted her maximum – his Thorn.

Teagan has spent the ultimate seven years licking her wounds in a backstreet flat in Cork City. Left reeling over Noah’s movements that night time, Teagan has spent years looking to piece her lifestyles again in combination, however the reminiscence of what she noticed that night time continues to hang-out her, making her sour and chilly. Desperate to transport on from Noah as soon as and for all, Teagan throws herself right into a dating along with her past love, Liam, forcing herself to transport on in spite of the protests of her middle.

One fateful night time brings the pair again in combination once more. For Noah, it is a triumph. For Teagan, it is a travesty. Old emotions burst to the skin, burning brighter and warmer than ever sooner than, and throwing a spanner within the works for Teagan’s fickle dating with Liam.

But are their emotions too robust to disclaim? Can she let pass of the previous? Can Noah believe the girl who walked clear of him?

Contains mature issues.
Genre: Audiobook > Fiction > Romance

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Walsh and Hoyt’s Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology : The Essentials, Third Edition

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Last Lullaby by Alice Walsh

Antibiotics by Christopher Walsh & Timothy Wencewicz

Antibiotics: Challenges, Mechanisms, Opportunities by Christopher Walsh & Timothy Wencewicz
Requirements: .PDF reader, 21.2 MB
Overview: A chemocentric view of the molecular structures of antibiotics, their origins, actions, and major categories of resistance

Antibiotics: Challenges, Mechanisms, Opportunities focuses on antibiotics as small organic molecules, from both natural and synthetic sources. Understanding the chemical scaffold and functional group structures of the major classes of clinically useful antibiotics is critical to understanding how antibiotics interact selectively with bacterial targets.

This textbook details how classes of antibiotics interact with five known robust bacterial targets: cell wall assembly and maintenance, membrane integrity, protein synthesis, DNA and RNA information transfer, and the folate pathway to deoxythymidylate. It also addresses the universe of bacterial resistance, from the concept of the resistome to the three major mechanisms of resistance: antibiotic destruction, antibiotic active efflux, and alteration of antibiotic targets. Antibiotics also covers the biosynthetic machinery for the major classes of natural product antibiotics.

Authors Christopher Walsh and Timothy Wencewicz provide compelling answers to these questions:

What are antibiotics? Where do antibiotics come from? How do antibiotics work? Why do antibiotics stop working? How should our limited inventory of effective antibiotics be addressed?
Antibiotics is a textbook for graduate courses in chemical biology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and microbiology and biochemistry courses. It is also a valuable reference for microbiologists, biological and natural product chemists, pharmacologists, and research and development scientists.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Health, Fitness & Medical > Reference

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