Generation Citizen by Scott Warren

Generation Citizen: The Power of Youth in Our Politics by Scott Warren
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.9 MB
Overview: Required reading." -Josh Tickell, author of The Revolution Generation

Since its beginnings in 2009, Generation Citizen has grown to become one of the preeminent civics education organizations in America. Championing the activism of young people now and throughout history – from the civil rights movement to #BlackLivesMatter and the Parkland students – Generation Citizen is a bold reminder of the positive power of politics, and an inspiring, actionable guide for anyone ready to fight for democracy.

"Timely and accessible. The rising generation is ready to exercise power – and save our republic." -Eric Liu, CEO of Citizen University and author of You’re More Powerful Than You Think
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Puzzle Films by Warren Buckland

Puzzle Films: Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema by Warren Buckland
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.6 MB
Overview: Drawing upon the expertise of film scholars from around the world, Puzzle Films investigates a number of films that sport complex storytelling–from Memento, Old Boy, and Run Lola Run, to the Infernal Affairs trilogy and In the Mood for Love.
Unites American ‘independent’ cinema, the European and International Art film, and certain modes of avant-garde filmmaking on the basis of their shared storytelling complexity
Draws upon the expertise of film scholars from North America, Britain, China, Poland, Holland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, and Australia
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Never Tell (Detective D.D. Warren #10) by Lisa Gardner

Never Tell (Detective D.D. Warren #10) by Lisa Gardner
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 280 MB
Overview: #1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner returns with an unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D. D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there.

A man is dead, shot three times in his home office. But his computer has been shot twelve times, and when the cops arrive, his pregnant wife is holding the gun.

D. D. Warren arrives on the scene and recognizes the woman – Evie Carter – from a case many years back. Evie’s father was killed in a shooting that was ruled an accident. But for D.D., two coincidental murders is too many.

Flora Dane sees the murder of Conrad Carter on the TV news and immediately knows his face. She remembers a night when she was still a victim – a hostage – and her captor knew this man. Overcome with guilt that she never tracked him down, Flora is now determined to learn the truth of Conrad’s murder.

But D.D. and Flora are about to discover that in this case the truth is a devilishly elusive thing. As layer by layer they peel away the half-truths and outright lies, they wonder: How many secrets can one family have?
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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Giap: The General by James A. Warren

Giap: The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam by James A. Warren
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 748 KB
Overview: General Vo Nguyen Giap was the commander in chief of the communist armed forces during two of his country’s most difficult conflicts-the first against Vietnam’s colonial masters, the French, and the second against the most powerful nation on earth, the United States. After long and bloody conflicts, he defeated both Western powers and their Vietnamese allies, forever changing modern warfare. In Giap, military historian James A. Warren dives deep into the conflict to bring to life a revolutionary general and reveal the groundbreaking strategies that defeated world powers against incredible odds. Synthesizing ideas and tactics from an extraordinary range of sources, Giap was one of the first to realize that war is more than a series of battles between two armies and that victory can be won through the strength of a society’s social fabric. As America’s wars in the Middle East rage on, this is an important and timely look at a man who was a master at defeating his enemies even as they thought they were winning.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Exploring the Raspberry Pi 2 with C++ by Warren Gay

Exploring the Raspberry Pi 2 with C++ by means of Warren Homosexual
Necessities: .PDF reader, four Mb
Evaluation: You’ve got a Pi 2, however what precisely are you able to do with it? This e-book takes you on a excursion of the Pi 2 {hardware} and all the unbelievable issues that you’ll be able to do to create leading edge and helpful tasks along with your Pi. Get started with making a workstation that does exact paintings, and transfer into putting in a customized kernel, making a clock, studying the bits and bobs of the GPIO interface, and pick out up some helpful C++ abilities alongside the best way.
Warren Homosexual, creator of Mastering the Raspberry Pi, takes you thru a collection of experiments to turn simply what the Pi 2 is able to and the way you’ll be able to use it to make your individual unbelievable creations.
What You Will Be informed:
How you can create an experimenter’s workstation for the Pi 2, whole with breadboard or even Arduino. The entire main points of GPIO, together with a customized command for running with it. Helpful tasks like a common objective clock and the PiSpy. Fast intro to C++ for the Pi. How you can make a multi-core webserver
Style: Non-Fiction > Tech & Units

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Experimenting with Raspberry Pi by Warren Gay

Experimenting with Raspberry Pi by Warren Gay
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.3 Mb
Overview: Need some inspiration for your Raspberry Pi projects? Wondering how to work with Wii nunchucks, stepper motors, how to create a remote control panel? If you need guidance, Experimenting with Raspberry Pi is your own personal idea generator. Experimenting with Raspberry Pi covers how to work with various components and hardware like humidity and temperature sensors, Wii nunchucks, GPIO extenders, and IR receivers so you can add these to your own projects.
Written with budgets in mind, author Warren Gay encourages you to build, experiment, and swap out various parts to learn more about the Pi and come up with the best ideas and instructions for your own amazing Raspberry Pi project ideas.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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United Cakes of America by Warren Brown

United Cakes of America: Recipes Celebrating Every State by Warren Brown
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 16.6 MB
Overview: Loving cake is a natural part of Warren Brown’s constitution. Now, in order to form a more perfect union of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, he’s offering his unique take on classic dessert recipes from all fifty states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

Starting out with Baked Alaska (what else?), Brown tours the whole country, updating regional confections like King Cake (Louisiana), Lady Baltimore Cake (South Carolina), Mud Cake (Mississippi), and Key Lime Pie (Florida). There are official state desserts (Maryland’s Smith Island Cake; Massachusetts’ Boston Cream Pie) and unofficial favorites (New York-style Cheesecake; St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake), as well as an ovenful of brand-new baked treats that Brown has created to honor specific states’ agricultural bounty (Avocado Cupcakes for California; Huckleberry Cake for Idaho). Eye-catching photos, informative sidebars, and a separate section on buttercream frostings complete the mix.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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