Hybrid Anisotropic Materials For Wind Power Turbine …

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Riding the Wind with Liezi by Ronnie Littlejohn+

Riding the Wind with Liezi: New Perspectives on the Daoist Classic (SUNY series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture) by Ronnie Littlejohn , Jeffrey Dippmann
Requirements: .PDF reader, 4,5 Mb
Overview: The Liezi is the forgotten classic of Daoism. Along with the Laozi (Daodejing) and the Zhuangzi, it’s been considered a Daoist masterwork since the mid-eighth century, yet unlike those well-read works, the Liezi is little known and receives scant scholarly attention. Nevertheless, the Liezi is an important text that sheds valuable light on the early history of Daoism, particularly the formative period of sectarian Daoism. We do not know exactly what shape the original text took, but what remains is replete with fantastic characters, whimsical tales, paradoxical aphorisms, and philosophically sophisticated reflection on the nature of the world and humanity’s place within it. Ultimately, the Liezi sees the world as one of change and indeterminacy.

Arguing for the Liezi’s historical, philosophical, and literary significance, the contributors to this volume offer a fresh look at this text, using contemporary approaches and providing novel insights. The volume is unique in its attention to both philosophical and religious perspectives.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Wind Turbine Noise Eur 16823

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Advances In Wind Turbine Blade Design And …

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Three Sheets To The Wind: The Nautical …

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Fallen Princess – Wind Dragons MC #7 – Chantal Fernando

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Wild Ride – Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club Book 6 – Chantal Fernando

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Wind Energy Exploitation In Urban Environment: Turbwind …

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Fallen Princess (Wind Dragons MC #7) by Chantal Fernando (.M4B)

Fallen Princess (Wind Dragons MC #7) by Chantal Fernando
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 155 MB
Overview: From the New York Times best-selling author who “knows how to draw you in and keep you hooked” (Angela Graham, New York Times best-selling author) comes a compelling tale of family loyalty and budding romance starring the badass Clover Black as she is forced to choose between following her heart or keeping her family safe.

Growing up as the Princess of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, Clover Black knows she’s had a thoroughly unique upbringing. As the daughter of the former President of the club, she’s expected to live a certain kind of life but she does the unthinkable.she goes to the police academy and becomes a cop. Without her family knowing.

After being assigned a new partner, the handsome Felix Banks, a friendship blossoms, but as Felix teaches her how to be a better cop, she finds herself falling for him, all while struggling to keep her two lives separate. Tensions rise when the truth comes out and it becomes clear that Clover is being used for her motorcycle club ties.

As things heat up within the MC and at Clover’s job, she faces a difficult choice – her love for Felix and the law, or her family and the Wind Dragons. A steamy and unpauseable romance, Fallen Princess is perfect “for fans of Kristin Ashley, Julie Ann Walker, and Joanna Wylde, and those who are heartbroken that television’s Sons of Anarchy has ended” (Booklist).
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance

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Beyond the North Wind by Christopher McIntosh

Beyond the North Wind The Fall and Rise of the Mystic North by Christopher McIntosh
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.9MB
Overview: "The North" is simultaneously a location, a direction, and a mystical concept. Although this concept has ancient roots in mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, it continues to resonate today within modern culture. McIntosh leads readers, chapter by chapter, through the magical and spiritual history of the North, as well as its modern manifestations, as documented through physical records, such as runestones and megaliths, but also through mythology and lore.

This mythic conception of a unique, powerful, and mysterious Northern civilization was known to the Greeks as "Hyberborea"–the "Land Beyond the North Wind"–which they considered to be the true origin place of their god, Apollo, bringer of civilization. Through the Greeks, this concept of the mythic North would spread throughout Western civilization.

In addition, McIntosh discusses Russian Hyperboreanism, which he describes as among "the most influential of the new religions and quasi-religious movements that have sprung up in Russia since the fall of Communism" and which is currently almost unknown in the West.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History > History of Northern Europe

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Aerodynamics Of Wind Turbines

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Against the Wind by way of Markus Baum

Against the Wind: Eberhard Arnold and the Bruderhof by way of Markus Baum
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.four MB
Overview: Eberhard Arnold was once now not terrified of the reality. A person for lately’s seekers, he confronted existence’s very important questions head on. When he discovered solutions, he lived them. His contemporaries dubbed him a "modern day St. Francis." He renounced non-public assets and the normal church, opting for the early Christians as his function fashions. A person of unwavering conviction, Arnold walked resolutely towards the present winds, whilst Nazism engulfed Germany.

Against the Wind provides flesh, blood, and character to a person whose contagious religion sparked a motion of sensible Christian neighborhood. The Bruderhof, Arnold’s legacy, carries on his dedication to combine religion and motion.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Petals at the Wind (Dollanganger #2) by way of V.C. Andrews

Petals at the Wind (Dollanganger #2) by way of V.C. Andrews, Alyssa Bresnahan (Narrator)
Requirements: MP3 Player | Length: 19 hours and 21 mins | Unabridged | 430.1 Mb
Overview: After a number of terrifying years of captivity, the 3 surviving Dollanganger youngsters have discovered a method to break out their jail, however they’ve been scarred ceaselessly. Petals at the Wind follows those youngsters into maturity. Although they in finding good fortune and reputation, they’re led deeper into the curse that also haunts their circle of relatives. As the 3 fight to steer commonplace lives, revenge attracts them again to the person who grew to become the important thing within the lock see you later in the past. While the strain grows to a fever pitch, Petals at the Wind strikes towards a searing conclusion.
Genre: Audiobook > Fiction, Horror

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Wind Power: The Struggle For Control Of …

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