Tailspinner by S.W. Hubbard

Tailspinner by S.W. Hubbard (Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 422 KB

Full moon or full evil? Cops and ER nurses agree-a full moon brings out the crazy in people.
Police Chief Frank Bennett isn’t superstitious. But he can’t explain why the people-and even the animals-of Trout Run are behaving out of character. A wild animal at his door, a hallucinating hiker, a violent freak-out at the general store-what’s going on in his normally placid town in the Adirondacks? Then weird turns to deadly, and Frank has a violent death and a missing person to investigate. Is the missing man a perpetrator or a victim?

Some people suspect the strange doings in town are related to the arrival of an unusual new church. But maybe the Tabernacle of Living Light is just a convenient scapegoat for something much darker eating at the town’s soul. Something powerful people and their allies will kill to conceal.
Bringing the evil to justice requires risking the life of an idealistic young woman. Frank’s desire to stay in control of events is put to the test. Will he win the battle but lose the war? Join Police Chief Frank Bennett as he solves another perplexing case and struggles to protect the town he loves.