Tales From The E-trenches: Or Why Too …

Tales From The E-trenches: Or Why Too Much Of Our Software Has Glitches

Question: Are you getting a little pained by all the software that does not seem to be working these days or at least working the way one expected? Remember the last time you hit update and discovered you would be busy for the next few hours or did it just seem like days? Remember seeing the words, Click on button to download and there was no button? If you ever wondered why there are so many computer updates and why it is so difficult to get todays software to do what it is supposed to do, Tales from the e-Trenches will answer a lot of your questions. Unlike other sources, Judy Pagel provides the perspective from down in the trenches where software is designed and programmed. As a senior programmer and later software developer at three of the countrys larger corporations, she will take you step by step through the development of an Enterprise-wide software package. Topics include the full life cycle development, object-oriented design, Agile development, database normalization, web site design, where to get instruction, how to get a job, day to day happenings in a typical IT department, and last but not least, a few thoughts from a female perspective. And important, she promises to do it so that the reasons are understandable even if you have no background whatsoever in programming or computers. Parents will truly appreciate being able to accurately assess where their kids IT progress stands. Students will get loads of information on what it takes to major in IT. Stakeholders in IT projects within corporations and their bosses will finally find out what those guys in IT are doing every day.