Tales From the Prom

Tales From the Prom

English | March 11th, 2014 | ASIN: B00I1WAG0I, ISBN: 0312187645 | 97 Pages | EPUB | 3.51 MB

The joy, the pain, the triumph, the heartbreak: the Prom.

Remember the crepe paper? How about the synthetic rustle of yards and yards of pastel taffeta? Let Elissa Stein and Daniel Mailliard take you back to a time you may not want to remember, but one you could never forget. It’s high time one of America’s most widespread of adolescent social rituals got the literary treatment: in this book is a no-holds-barred collection of stories that reminds us only too vividly of the most important, angst-filled, and (potentially) romantic evening of our young lives.

Not just a collection of personal testimonials, Tales from the Prom also tackles proms in the news, prom fashions, proms in the movies-in short, everything the uninitiated needs to know, and everything the prom survivor wants to reminisce about. So don’t miss out on Tales from the Prom-it’s cheaper than a limo rental and not nearly as messy as a vomit-splattered tuxedo!

Download: http://longfiles.com/xgucl393n5u0/Tales_From_the_Prom.epub.html