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Tanith Lee was a British writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. She was the author of 77 novels, 14 collections, and almost 300 short stories. She also wrote four radio plays broadcast by the BBC and two scripts for the UK, science fiction, cult television series "Blake’s 7."
Before becoming a full time writer, Lee worked as a file clerk, an assistant librarian, a shop assistant, and a waitress.
Her first short story, "Eustace," was published in 1968, and her first novel (for children) The Dragon Hoard was published in 1971.
Her career took off in 1975 with the acceptance by Daw Books USA of her adult fantasy epic The Birthgrave for publication as a mass-market paperback, and Lee has since maintained a prolific output in popular genre writing.
Lee twice won the World Fantasy Award: once in 1983 for best short fiction for “The Gorgon” and again in 1984 for best short fiction for “Elle Est Trois (La Mort).” She has been a Guest of Honour at numerous science fiction and fantasy conventions including the Boskone XVIII in Boston, USA in 1981, the 1984 World Fantasy Convention in Ottawa, Canada, and Orbital 2008 the British National Science Fiction convention (Eastercon) held in London, England in March 2008. In 2009 she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror.
Lee was the daughter of two ballroom dancers, Bernard and Hylda Lee. Despite a persistent rumour, she was not the daughter of the actor Bernard Lee who played "M" in the James Bond series of films of the 1960s.
Tanith Lee married author and artist John Kaiine in 1992.

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Claidi Journals Series

Tanith Lee – Claidi Journals 1-3 (read by Terry Donnelly)
Tanith Lee – Wolf Wing (read by Terry Donnelly)

Tales from the Flat Earth Series

Tanith Lee – Night’s Master (read by Susan Duerden)
Tanith Lee – Death’s Master (read by Susan Duerden)
Tanith Lee – Delusion’s Master (read by Susan Duerden)
Tanith Lee – Delirium’s Mistress (read by Susan Duerden)
Tanith Lee – Night’s Sorceries (read by Susan Duerden)


Tanith Lee – Electric Forest (read by Susan Duerden)
Tanith Lee – Disturbed By Her Song (read by Jullian Kline)
Tanith Lee – Fatal Women (read by Becca Ballenger)
Tanith Lee – Tempting The Gods (read by Joe Peck)
Tanith Lee – Red As Blood (read by Stella Gonet)

Claidi Journals Series

Tales from the Flat Earth Series


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