Target: Italy 1940-1943 by means of Roderick Bailey

Target: Italy: The Secret War Against Mussolini 1940-1943 by means of Roderick Bailey
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Overview: Drawing on long-classified paperwork, Target: Italy is the reputable historical past of the struggle waged by means of Britain’s Special Operations Executive on Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Italy. It is the primary complete account of SOE’s clandestine efforts to strike at Italy and sever its alliance with Nazi Germany, uncovering missions as exceptional as a plot to assassinate Mussolini and plans to arm the Mafia.

It may be the primary in-depth historical past of SOE’s makes an attempt at inflicting bother within an enemy nation versus an enemy-occupied one, issuing a sobering reminder of the horrible risks that international companies can come upon when seeking to inspire resistance to robust authoritarian regimes.

This is a compelling story of determined bold and sacrifice, climaxing in one of the crucial strange episodes of the struggle: the subtle and dramatic dealings between the Allies and the Italians that resulted in Italy’s give up in 1943.
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