Test Your Chess Skills by Sarhan Guliev, Logman Guliev

Test Your Chess Skills: Practical Decisions in Critical Moments by Sarhan Guliev, Logman Guliev
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Overview: The test positions in this instructive book cover the entire spectrum of what a modern club player should know. The reader is invited to find tactical blows, deep strategic manoeuvres, opening traps, standard endgame plans and other principles in action.

Sarhan Guliev and his brother Logman Guliev have carefully selected the positions from their own games. That is why these puzzles are completely unknown outside the former Soviet Union. The fact that they originated from real games guarantees that the tests are practical, not artificial. The solutions rarely involve spectacular fireworks, as is the case in most chess puzzle books. The solution may be a quiet move or you may be asked for a reasoned evaluation.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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