Testament by Alis Hawkins

Testament by Alis Hawkins
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 475 KB

What secrets lie hidden in the Medieval college of Kineton and Dacre.?
Salster, England, 1385

Master mason Simon of Kineton is building his magnum opus: a great college to rival any in England.But the Bishop of Salster, hostile to free education, is determined to sabotage Simon’s project. When rumours spread that the mason’s son is cursed, the bishop sees an opportunity to undermine both Simon and the college.And everything Simon has worked so hard for could end up crumbling down around him.
Salster, 2019
Damia Miller has been employed to promote penniless Kineton and Dacre college. Delving into the college’s history, she becomes captivated by the vast grotesque painting that has recently been uncovered during renovations.It soon becomes clear to Damia that the painting holds the key to the past – a past which could reveal exactly what she’s been searching for.