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Texan & Tokyo Series (1-2) by Grace Buchele Mineta
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Overview: I am an author, blogger, and comic artist. I like shopping, looking at funny pictures on the internet, my family, my husband’s family, backpacking, and writing my story on the internet for strangers to read. This blog is my pet project, started at the urge of my then-boyfriend (now husband) Ryosuke, when I was studying abroad in Tokyo.
Genre: Comic

#1. My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy: The Comic Book"My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy: The Comic Book" is the autobiographical misadventures of a native Texan freelancer and her Japanese "salaryman" husband: in comic book form. From earthquakes and crowded trains, to hilarious cultural faux pas, this comic explores the joys of living and working abroad, intercultural marriages, and trying to make a decent pot roast on Thanksgiving.

#2.My Japanese Husband STILL Thinks I’m Crazy
Grace and Ryosuke are back, with another year of adventures in Tokyo!
Ever wonder:
Why is sticking your chopsticks in a bowl of rice socially unacceptable?
What’s the best way to get free tissues in Japan?
Why do people buy chicken on Christmas?
Does eating an egg hard-boiled in sulfur really extend your life?
What are you really supposed to do with business cards after a meeting?
Who actually buys a poop-shaped hat?
How are you supposed to recycle expired Tofu?
What is the easiest way to get rid of a cold (in Japan)?
The answers to these questions and more are drawn in the pages of this book.
My Japanese Husband (still) Thinks I’m Crazy is the semi-autobiographical story of Grace, a native Texan, her hilarious husband Ryosuke, and her over-active imagination personified in a talking rabbit, Marvin. Their life is told through a series of comics depicting the joys and hardships of living abroad.
After all, just because something is different doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

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