The 10 Qualities Of Charismatic People by Tony Alessandra

The 10 Qualities Of Charismatic People: Secrets of Personal Magnetism by Tony Alessandra
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Overview: You walk into a room and notice a small group of people having an animated conversation. You’re attracted to their energy, so you join them. But when one fellow turns to talk with someone else, the original group drifts apart, while that man quickly becomes the center of another high-energy discussion. Throughout the evening, you watch this person effortlessly draw others to him. What is it about this man that attracts others so readily? How does he always become the center of attention? The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People answers those questions.
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With this informative program, you’ll learn about or improve the following:
Silent messages the foundations that underlie the signals you send out to others
Your ability to speak well — articalate your terrific ideas
Your listening skills-keys to communicating and making others feel special
Your persuasive talent-motivating others to follow your lead or adopt your ideas
Flexibility-building bridges to others

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