The 30 Day Total Energy Reboot


The 30 Day Total Energy Reboot

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The 30 Day Total Energy Reboot hosted by Simpleology CEO Mark Joyner.

Biohack Your Way to Bulletproof Energy Levels
Dave Asprey The Bulletproof Exec

• The top 3 energy-boosting tactics he’s learned after spending $300,000 on self-experimentation
• The hidden energy-destroyer you must eliminate from your home
• How to adopt the bio-hacker ethos and take responsibility for your own health

Crazy Strong at Any Age
Zach Even Esh Founder of the Underground Strength Gym

• Training outdoors and breaking the "rules" of traditional fitness and strength training for more energy
and faster results in strength, lean muscle mass and fat loss
• Why proper strength training has NO age barriers and discriminates against no one
• How to get an AWESOME workout anywhere, regardless of how little "equipment" you have

Endurance: The Ultimate Life Skill?
Brian Mackenzie Endurance Trainer to the Athletic Elite

• How endurance training boosts energy levels for athletes and executives alike
• Counter-intuitive ways to boost endurance performance … endurance is a skill
• How Brian keeps his energy levels high to keep up with his grueling training schedule

Is the Heart More Powerful Than the Brain?
Howard Martin Author of the HeartMath Solution

• Why relaxing the body is the key to higher energy
• A simple breathing technique that can instantly boost your energy, lower cortisol, and increase intelligence
• The surprising new discoveries about how the heart affects the brain

How to Get Jacked Without Weights
Al Kavadlo Author of Raising the Bar

• How calisthenics exercises can help increase your energy
• How to build muscle and lose fat with no workout equipment
• Why a pull-up bar might be a better investment than a gym membership