The 365 Bullet Guide: Organize Your Life Creatively, One Day at a…

The 365 Bullet Guide: Organize Your Life Creatively, One Day at a Time
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Date: 2017-10-24
ISBN-10: 1250171857
ISBN-13: 9781250171856
Language: English
Pages: 256
Added: 2017-12-02 14:26:04

Meet the bullet system: a revolutionary organization method that will increase both your efficiency and your creativity. The bullet method will provide you with a to-do list that is so foolproof that you will never miss a task or appointment again. When you learn the basic principles of the method, you can delve deeper into the process and allow it to help you organize your daily life, take note of past accomplishments, and plan your future.
THE 365 BULLET BOOK is an easy-to-follow and essential guide to learning the bullet system. There’s an exercise for every day of the year and each takes 365 seconds or less to complete. With simple, clear instructions, this book will show you how to incorporate the bullet method into your life as gradually or quickly as you like. The joy of bulleting is that it is both holistic and completely customizable to your own aesthetics and habits, so you can create your own journal from scratch and put into practice as many of the hundreds of ideas and techniques as your like such as habit trackers, sleep logs, handwriting exercises, and much more!
Whether you’re a doodling devotee or a to-the-point minimalist, THE 365 BULLET BOOK is your indispensable guide to an elegantly organized life.
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