The Alabaster Girl By Zan Perrion

The Alabaster Girl By Zan Perrion
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The manuscript is finally finished. Ten years… Who am I? My name is Zan Perrion and I have been traveling and lecturing and wondering about the philosophy of beauty for many years. In 2002, I founded the Ars Amorata movement. What is the Ars Amorata? It is a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure… As I mentioned, I have been writing this book for ten years and it has not been an easy task! It is a book of ideas, which is, I suspect, the hardest thing to capture. At any rate, the manuscript is now finished. The book itself is multi-layered (which is part of the reason it was difficult to write). In simplest terms, it begins with a man and a woman on a train. She is there to interview him because he wrote a book called The Alabaster Girl the memories and impressions and half-remembered dreams of his lifetime in the arms and company of women. He has been interviewed before and thus, is ready for her questions. But she pushes for more. Who is he really? she asks. And why do women respond to him in ways they never do to other men? He looks at her and realizes he has never told anyone the secrets to his success with women, and so now, for whatever reason, he does. The rest of the book then is the musings of a seducer. – a discourse, a brain-dump of everything he knows about the heart and soul of women. And interspersed throughout his discourse are excerpts of the book he wrote: The Alabaster Girl. So my book has three layers (and thus three distinct "voices"). Each chapter begins with the train journey interview (Voice 1), then opens up into his conversation to women in general about the way his mind works (Voice 2), and is sprinkled throughout with pieces from his book (Voice 3). So there you have it… I wrote a book called The Alabaster Girl about a man who wrote a book called The Alabaster Girl! At its core, it is a book about the heart of women written to the heart of women. Ah, how presumptuous is that? Is it a story? Not really. Is it self-help? No. Is it philosophy? I am not sure. Is it a novel? I suppose. But it is a novel without plot or characters or anything really. So it is hard to categorize! Here are the chapters: The Way of Beauty The Way of Seduction The Way of Discovery The Way of the Natural The Way of Men The Way of Women The Way of Love The Way of Salvation The Way of Beauty

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